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Looking for a fun way to get fit and master your body at the same time? Invest in some gymnastics equipment and let the fun begin! Although gymnastics is a very serious and competitive sport it can be enjoyed at home, at school or in the gym as an entertaining alternative to conventional aerobic exercise, as well as flexibility and strength training.

Participating in gymnastics has a multitude of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits, which include:


  • A marked increase in muscle strength, as well as improved flexibility and endurance.
  • An improved ability to relax. Relaxation is often seen as the absence of stress, but in reality the human body, with some training, is able to shut itself to any external stressors that may still be present and induce a state of relaxation.
  • Improved body alignment when walking, standing and participating in physical activities. The benefits of correct body alignment are multiple and include greater awareness of your body’s aches and pains, improved posture, as well as resistance to sprains and other muscular injuries.
  • Greater knowledge of how to protect your body from injury, which includes falling and rolling safely.
  • Overall increase in agility and coordination.
  • Cognitive:

  • Improved awareness of the body, its components and ailments.
  • Greater spatial awareness.
  • Greater awareness of the relationship of different body parts to one another, as well as the relationship between the body and gymnastic accessories and apparatus.
  • Psychological:

  • The inherent joy of movement mastery.
  • Improved discipline and self control.
  • Improved self image and a positive attitude.
  • Furthermore, gymnastics can be enjoyed by a wide demographic, including children and the elderly. You can join a class, get a book or an instructional DVD or simply learn the fundamentals from a friend and go from there. Whichever way you choose to enjoy gymnastics you are sure to reap the benefits. Here at McSport, we have done the legwork for you in sourcing only the very best gymnastics mats, benches, bridges, wedges and more. All you have to do is browse, select and purchase!

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    Hit Fitness Foldable Exercise Mat | 50mm


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      My Home Cartwheel Mat

      My Home Gymnastics

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        Sure Shot Deluxe Mats

        Sure Shot

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          Beemat Lightweight Foam Springboard


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            Neils Larsen Euroobench | 2.4m

            Neils Larsen

            €227.00 €355.00

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