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Finally, a wearable that helps people feel good about exercise Finally, a wearable that helps people feel good about exercise

What is Myzone?

Myzone is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures real-time heart rate, calories and effort data. Physical activity from both inside and outside of the club is wirelessly uploaded to a user, trainer, and owner cloud account, providing relevant data that can be accessed anywhere in the world.


Who does Myzone help?

Health Clubs

Motivate members to stay with you longer

Transform how you’re engaging and motivating your community, with a uniquely immersive club experience that keeps members loyal.


Boost employee wellbeing and your bottom line

Embrace fully inclusive heart rate technology for happier and healthier employees where every effort is rewarded.


Inspire a lifetime of activity

Create healthy habits in and out of the classroom, with teaching tools that reward everyone's effort and make positive behaviour change.


Measure and monitor effort from anywhere

Remove the guesswork from coaching by knowing exactly how hard each athlete is working, keeping every individual accountable, no matter where you are.

Public & Private Sectors

Help your teams keep more people safe and healthy

Embrace trusted tools and technology to build an active, healthy workforce throughout military, medical, emergency services and government sectors.


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5. Introducing MZ-Remote

Myzone Case Study

Westpark Fitness

"West Park uses Myzone predominantly as a retention tool. We wanted to have some kind of tracker that would encourage members to come to the gym more often and to stay with West Park longer.

Myzone through its MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) system allows members to build up points each month. They need to get over that 1,300, which is the World Health Organization target to stay healthy."

Kevin Doyle, Manager at Westpark Fitness

Stay connected through the Myzone app

Measure what matters and work out wherever you want, with a community that’s with you every MEP of the way.


Myzone integrates with all major fitness wearables and applications.

Looking to boost your business with Myzone? Contact us. Looking to boost your business with Myzone? Contact us.