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Furniture for gyms, sports clubs, hotels, offices, and more Furniture for gyms, sports clubs, hotels, offices, and more

With over 40 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry, McSport brings the excellence of Italian design and manufacturing quality to sports and fitness facilities all over Ireland.

McSport is Ireland’s largest Gym Installation provider. We create first class training facilities that are designed and installed to your requirements, with equipment trusted for performance and durability.

We have partnered with Fit Interiors to create bespoke furniture for commercial gyms, fitness, spas and wellness facilities, sports clubs, hotels, schools and corporate offices.

Fit Interiors is a brand of Gruppo P&G Srl, a family-run business that produces bespoke wooden furniture founded in 1978 in the Italian Wellness Valley. In the 90s Fit Interiors began working for leading companies in the fitness and leisure sector, producing furniture for gym locker rooms. Fit Interiors is today a leader in Italy and is well established throughout Europe and overseas markets.

What we do

» Locker Rooms: Lockers, furniture, vanity units, benches, seats, sofas and armchairs.

» Reception: Reception desks, refreshment counters and lounge areas, desks, furniture, stools, chairs and tables.

» Public Areas: Personal lockers, safe deposit lockers, benches and seats, sofas and armchairs.

» Lounge and Waiting Rooms: Sofas and armchairs, benches and seats, stools, chairs and tables, wall storage systems.

» Showers and Toilet Cubicles: Shower cubicles, toilet cubicles, mirrors, shelves, cabinets and sinks.


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McSport are now the official suppliers for Fit Interiors in Ireland. With 25 years of experience in the Fitness and Wellness industry, Fit Interiors / Gruppo P&G brings excellent Italian design and manufacturing quality to reception and locker room areas all over the world, with a specific focus on users specific requirements.

Fit interiors is increasingly catering for diverse industries: fitness, spas, wellness, swimming pools, hotels, clinics, schools & company headquarters. Our products increasingly cover the full club fitout: lockers, consignment lockers, reception counters, changing room benches, lounge seating and tables, shower and toilet cubicles, vanity shelves and mirrors.

Fit Interiors is today the leader in these industries in Italy and is well-established in the whole of Europe and the Middle East, thanks to its distribution network branch in Germany.

Planning & Design

With a range of styling options available from Fit Interiors, there is something to meet everyones taste and help bring the vision they have for their facility alive. We will assist you every step of the way when it comes to designing the interior of your facility, from picking out colour options, to locker styles, lighting and mirrors.

When we have completed a site visit and acquired measurements for design we will draft up a design for the most effective layout. After we have layed out the floor we will propose lockers, doors, lighting and all other samples for the rooms at your disposal. When all styles and layouts have been confirmed we will produce a CAD (displayed right) outlining all the elements of the specific room. Once you are pleased with all aspects of the design process and our proposal then we can proceed with placing the order.

If you wish to go back to the drawing board then we can make any edits you require. We’re only happy when you’re happy.

Bespoke Style

If you’re looking to have your very own bespoke style applied to your facility then look no further than McSport. We can design all aspects of your facility from Reception to Locker Rooms and all the way through to Bathrooms.

A clean, slick and stylish facility can go a long way towards catching the eye of potential customers. Customers in the Fitness and Wellness industry are more likely to be drawn to company with top of line facilities across the board rather than just their gym facility.

If you wish to enquire about the first steps you can take towards giving your facility the eye-catching new look you and your customers desire, then don’t waste any time in contacting McSport and talking to our friendly sales representatives. Visit to check out our full portfolio of happy clients.

Case Studies

Pillo Hotel

The contemporary hotel was seeking a complete revamp of their changing room facilities that had been in use in the hotel for many years.

With the help of experienced sports experts and tradesmen, McSport were successful in the remodel and install of up to date fixtures for the changing rooms.

Partnering with Fit Interiors, the team created a complete transformation of everything from lockers, to benches and vanities.