Rugby Equipment, Ireland’s largest specialist sports retailer has been supplying high quality rugby equipment to clubs and schools for over 20 years. We have been supplying all levels of Irish rugby teams including school teams, clubs and provincial teams. Over the years we have supplied every professional team in Ireland. The rugby products we sell targets specific areas of training, namely technique development, rugby speed, -power, -agility and -balance.

Clubs can now order their equipment using our McSport Schools / Clubs Order Form and fax it to us instead of ordering online. This form has been designed specifically for schools and clubs as an alternative way to obtain there equipment from McSport without the use of the e-commerce website.

Our top selling rugby equipment includes:

For the team:

    • All forms of protective rugby sporting goods including tackle suits, head guards and forearm guards.
    • rugby accessories range comprising of water bottles, stopwatches, whistles, skipping ropes, gym balls, kicking tees, bibs, kit bags, ball bags and mouthguards.

For the coach:

  • Rugby value Packs that include premium quality products with instruction materials for coaches.
  • Instruction materials in the form of books, DVD’s and charts.
  • A wide range of products to test certain areas of fitness including scales, blood pressure monitors, body fat callipers, strength testing, power testing, sport timing, agility core and strength.

For the public:

  • A wide range of rugby clothing including Nike, Canterbury, Gilbert, Puma and KooGa rugby shirts and more.

For game day:

  • A service for printing team insignia onto rugby post pads, advertising banners, wedges and touchline field marker sets.
  • A large selection of First Aid Equipment, which includes posters, medical kits, run-on bags, ice packs, freeze spray and heat spray.

For training:

  • Gilbert match and training Rugby Balls
  • Centurion Tackle Bags, rucking shields and Maori shields.
  • A full range of XLR8 and Centurion-branded rugby training aids including agility ladders, hurdles, power speed resistors, weighted vests, reactive balls, evasion belts, and agility poles.
  • A full range of equipment for tag rugby including tagbelts, markers, instruction cards, rugby balls and stopwatches.
  • Rugby strength training accessories including power bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, Olympic discs and bars.

Dublin University, founded in 1854, was the first organised Rugby Football Club in Ireland. Other clubs that were established at the time and exist to this day include the Wanderers founded in 1869; Lansdowne (1873); Dungannon (1873) and UCC (1874)


Tag rugby recently became the fastest growing summer recreational sport in all of Ireland. This exciting and dynamic team sport can be played by both men and women of all ages and skill levels. It is also fun, sociable and appeals to everyone aged between the ages of 20 and 60. Tag Rugby is primarily about running and passing, which means agility, speed and good hand-eye coordination become more important than brute force and strength. It therefore compliments a whole range of other sports, from soccer to Gaelic football, swimming and tennis.

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Centurion Tag Belt


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    Centurion Standard Kicking Tee


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      Hit Sport Tag Rugby Pack

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        Morgan Pass Developer - Size 4


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          Centurion Rugby Post Pads


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            Hit Sport Rugby Red Tag Belt

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