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Schools, gymnasiums and private sporting facilities often have a problem with sports equipment storage. Many pieces of equipment are cumbersome and bulky, taking up a lot of space when not in use. Luckily, there are ways and means of organising a storage space that allows you to use the area efficiently.

Your first step should be to evaluate the dimensions of the space you have available. Bear in mind that floor space is only one area that can be used - you still have plenty of space on the walls and even against the ceiling. Taking this into account, you should then proceed to systematically assign and arrange wall-, floor- and ceiling space.

It is best to use:

  • Floor space for heavy, cumbersome objects that are used frequently. In this category we will include things like athletics mats. In order to keep these items tidy, and make it easier to move, you might think of investing in sports mat trolleys. Storage chests are handy for smaller, irregularly shaped objects like balls, field markers, etc.
  • Wall space for items that have to be within easy reach should hang. In this category we have things like jumping ropes, hula hoops, free weights, tennis rackets, etc. If you plan to invest in a storage unit, such as a ball cabinet, this could also take advantage of wall space.
  • Ceiling space is ideal for items that are used less often. Seasonal sports, such as rugby, are only played at certain times of the year and as such the training gear has to be stored for long periods of time. Ceiling space is ideal for something like this - with a few well-placed hooks and rails you can double your sports storage space in no time at all. 
  • Another handy way of organising your gear is to ensure that you arrange things in terms of category. Confine smaller items to a drawer system; or boxes and bins that sit on shelves. Drawers and bins should have clearly visible identification labels or numbers that correspond to a printed inventory.

    Have a look at our comprehensive range of  sports equipment storage solutions and organise your space today. We stock everything from wall brackets to skipping rope racks, drawstring storage bags and storage chests.

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