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Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon and once you decide to join the revolution, you can get a yoga mat at McSport. Along with this vital yoga tool, we also offer a wide variety of accessories that you can use to get the most out of your training. Seen by many as a way to refresh mind, body and soul, yoga provides many positive results for those who have stuck to their routine.

Better breathing and increased flexibility will naturally come over time when taking up yoga, but it is also a fantastic way to shed weight and boost your fitness levels. With the hectic lifestyles we lead today, you will also be pleased to know that yoga sessions will reduce stress levels and tension, while also assisting in improving your overall strength and balance. Although this is all on offer, you should be serious when you decide to take up this form of exercise, or any other for that matter, as breaking your routine and doing things incorrectly will spoil all of the effort you have put in and not give you the results you so desire. 

To assist you in doing yoga correctly, here are some tips for when you are just starting out:

  • Get focused: Getting on your mat, closing your eyes and focusing on what you want to achieve during your session before you start will clear your head of the hectic day behind you.
  • Never be afraid of assistance: There is a lot of equipment on offer such as blocks or straps that can assist you while doing certain poses. Not everybody is advanced and many people are put off doing particular poses because of the difficulty, but blocks can give you the extra balance you need while straps can give you extra length and flexibility.
  • Inhale, exhale: Don’t forget to breathe properly during your routine. A lot of people will hold their breath during difficult moves, but this prevents the natural flow that you are trying to achieve.
  • Push your body: Don’t be afraid to push yourself during training. If you want to try more difficult poses, ask someone to spot you and go for it, alternatively you can slowly phase into it by using a wall for support.

    McSport offers everything you need from a quality yoga mat to belts, blocks, resistance bands and more so stock up and start yoga or Pilates exercises today.

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