Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Treadmill

A treadmill may be one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment that is on the market. It's a great machine as it gives you the ability to go on a walk, run, or jog without having to leave your home.

A treadmill may be one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment that is on the market. It's a great machine as it gives you the ability to go on a walk, run, or jog without having to leave your home. Matching with the right treadmill can become difficult as there are a few things you need to consider before you purchase one. First, though, let's look at the benefits of owning one.



There are many benefits of having and using a treadmill, but we're just going to mention the main three.

Predictable surface

If you are having a tough time running outside with the unpredictable surface, using a treadmill is great as many of them have a surface that you can change between a harder or softer impact. Having this setting reduces the impact on your joints as the surface remains the same all the time.

Customisable programs

Many treadmills come with different programs to choose from or even have apps installed so you can work out around the world, all at the push of a button. It's great for people wanting a more varied workout or if they get bored when running outside.

Progress tracked easily

Most treadmills come with the option to store your data so that you can track your progress easily, without having to invest in any add-ons. It’s a great way to see your real progression and to keep track of your pace all in one place.

Aspects to Consider 


With just those three benefits, it can sway a lot of people into buying a treadmill. Let's take a look at what you need to consider before buying.

Try it out first

When you're looking at treadmills, make sure you have your running shoes on! If you go to a showroom (like the McSport showroom in Robinhood Industrial Estate), you will find that you can try the treadmills to get a better feel for them.  So be sure to get a good feel for the ones you are walking to ensure that you are looking for.

Size and space

Measure where your treadmill is going before you go looking. Once you have the measurements when you are shopping for one, it will narrow down your search. If you plan on getting a folding treadmill, make sure you measure the storage space as well.

Consider the workouts you’ll be doing

When looking at the treadmill you want, be sure the size suits your needs. There is no point getting a 20” belt if you are going to be running. You need enough space on either side for a longer stride, especially if you are on the taller side. While a 20” belt is long enough for a runner, it doesn’t leave much room while running which can lead to a fall.

If you are running, a good size belt is 22" wide. With an ideal length for walkers is 50" and 55" for runners. Again, if you are on the taller side, a 60" length is the way to go to get a good stride in.


CHP stands for continuous-duty horsepower and tends to be more powerful than an HP motor would be. All treadmills use a CHP motor. When you are looking for a treadmill, make sure to look at the CHP. If you have a CHP of 2.0, you are generally looking at a light treadmill that can’t handle a high user weight. This size is perfect for walking. If you are going for a more high-end treadmill, you will find that the CHP will be between 3.0 and 4.25. These treadmills are used for incline training, long workouts, and sprint training.

Set your price

Treadmills can get very expensive, very fast, so it's best going into purchasing one with a price in mind. That way, the sales assistant helping you can direct you to the treadmills within your budget.

If you are purchasing a treadmill, a good rule of thumb is not getting one that costs less than €800. The ones that cost less than €800 are usually low-quality treadmills, and you will end up spending more in the long run.

Decide on your features

With so many treadmills to choose from, it makes sense for there to be so many feature options.  If you are to buy a ProForm Treadmill or a NordicTrack Treadmill, both of those brands come with a 30-day free trial of iFit, which allows you to workout out worldwide and have access to a library of classes.

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Then there are different practical features you can choose from, such as an automated incline, which will vary your workout, along with getting your hill training in while indoors.

You can also get a pulse monitor to keep an eye on your heart rate.

Get a treadmill with quick touch buttons to quickly go between the speeds and incline, or if you want an option of a decline on the treadmill, that is another option you can ask for.


This part is more important than you think. Like any machine, a treadmill needs to be taken care of. You should lubricate the deck and belt as required. You should also vacuum the inside and around the machine to keep it in running order. Don't forget to clean the treadmill's surface after each use as well, to keep it sanitised correctly.

The different types


Now that we know everything to keep in mind when buying a treadmill, it's time to look at the different types you can get. Of course, there is the standard treadmill without any bells and whistles, but there are also other options.

Air Treadmill

Air treadmill

If you are looking for a treadmill that closely replicates what it is like running outdoors and is also environmentally friendly, then the Air Treadmill is the way to go. The Air Treadmill uses your movement to get the belt moving and keep it moving. As it encourages a more natural running and pace, the air runner burns up to 30% more calories than a regular treadmill.

Incline Training Treadmill

Incline Treadmill

An Incline Treadmill offers a unique training experience; unlike a regular treadmill, which usually has a max of 10% to 15% incline, an incline training treadmill gives you up to 40% of an incline! This treadmill is perfect if you are looking to get some endurance work in. There are also a few treadmills that go in the decline, so your workout can be more like when you are running outside.

Folding treadmill

Folding treadmill

This may be one of the most popular models of treadmills. As treadmills tend to be quite big, free up space by lifting the belt up and out of the way decide to buy one easier. You need to be aware that when you measure the area for your treadmill, to measure how high your ceiling is, as you will need enough room to hold it up.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this guide, there are many benefits in getting a treadmill. Getting one will take some thought, but it will be worth it by the end as you can enjoy working out in the privacy and from the comfort of your home, at any time you like.

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