Hit Fitness G Exercise Bike Series

With four different exercise bikes to choose from, the Hit Fitness G exercise bike series is unrivalled in performance, quality, and design. Combining style with fluidity, this series of exercise bikes will provide an endless array of calorie-burning cardio workouts.

Hit Fitness G Exercise Bike Series 

With four different versions to choose from, the Hit Fitness G series is unrivalled in performance, quality, and design. Combining style with fluidity, this series of exercise bikes will provide an endless array of calorie-burning cardio workouts, with the ability to change the workout to high-intensity at the touch of a button or in this case turn of a knob!

Don’t just take our word for it, though! Let’s take you through just what you’re getting if you get a Hit Fitness G bike.

Training in the comfort of your own home

Exercise bike workout

Taking the time to travel to a commercial gym is one of the main issues in starting and maintaining a fitness journey. Having a G bike in the comfort of your home negates that problem. Being able to exercise at home saves time, energy, and the money it takes to travel to and be a member of the gym.

The G bikes can take a max user weight of between 125-150kg without sacrificing any of the stability and will allow you to get a high-intensity workout done, without having to leave your house. You don’t need to sacrifice much space for them either as they are compact and easy to move and store when you are not using them.

High-performance consoles for high performing athletes

The consoles on the G bike series comes with an intelligent design that accurately monitors and provides real-time feedback of a workout duration; total calories burned; speed; and RPM. It makes tracking your progress as easy as it can be.

There is also the option of building your workouts and training intervals using the option of a certain number of calories to burn, distance travelled, or the length of time you want to train.

Making use of the console and its options will improve your training and get you to smash your personal records!

Completely customisable to suit your individual needs

We understand that no two people are the same, and thus their needs and comforts may be different. The G bike series all have adjustable seat heights and positions, handle heights, and resistance levels, making them suitable for all types of athletes and their needs. Adjusting these areas of the exercise bike means that you will be less prone to back stiffness, strains, and muscle aches— ensuring that you won't get an injury during use.

Perfect for high-intensity interval training

G Bike workout

These exercise bikes are ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This method of cardiovascular training is perfect for those that are short on time but want to burn as many calories as possible.

The G series’ meticulous design is there to facilitate all the needs of those who wish to utilise HIIT training methods. With an adjustable knob that is easy to turn, you can change the resistance levels to whatever you need, meaning you won’t have to divide your attention during a gruelling workout.

The padding on the seats in the G series gives added comfort, which makes a HIIT workout more achievable as you can go for longer without fear of pain in your lower back!

Buying Guide

We've talked about the benefits of the G bike series, but now it's time to get down to the real question: Which G bike is the one for you?

There are four different options to choose from in this series—the G6, G7, G8, and G12.

G6 Exercise bike

G6 exercise bike

Starting with the G6 exercise bike. This is the most budget-friendly of the series and is a great starting point in exercise bikes. It uses a chain instead of a belt, which means that they are cheaper to repair should anything happen to it and they are more energy-efficient. The G6 has a 13kg Flywheel. The Flywheel is what helps simulate the feel of an outdoor bike. It does this by storing energy, which then smoothes out the cycling motion to promote consistent cadence. It can take a max user weight of 125kg with little to no shaking of the frame, giving a sturdy ride throughout your workout.

It is helpful to bear in mind that a chain-driven exercise bike will be louder than belt drivers. If this doesn't deter you, then the G6 is the one for you! Another added benefit is that it is straightforward to assemble and even comes with an installation video.

G7 Exercise bike

G7 exercise bike

The G7 exercise bike is similar to the G6 but with a few marked differences. Both use a chain instead of a belt but the G7 has a higher price point than the G6. Both bikes are on the budget-friendly spectrum and are more energy-efficient, but the main difference and the reason for the higher price point is the Flywheel. The G7 boasts a Flywheel of 20kg, unlike its G6 counterpart with a 13kg one. Having a heavier flywheel means that the riding will be more natural and smoother, giving you a more efficient experience. The added weight has the momentum to keep the pedals turning, so they don't slow down, which will help keep a cycling motion while pedalling and prevent an inconsistent pedal. It can also take a max user weight of 125kg, giving it a heavy-duty finish means the frame can endure a hard workout.

Like the G6, be sure to remember that the use of a chain will mean that it will be louder than a belt-driven exercise bike. If you want a more stable and surer ride while staying budget-friendly, then the G7 is the way to go. The instruction video on this will make putting it together more effortless than ever.

G8 Exercise Bike

G8 Exercise bike

Moving onto the more heavy-duty bike, the G8 exercise bike is built for endurance and is considered the closest thing to commercial-grade a home exercise bike can be. This bike makes use of a belt drive instead of a chain which makes it nearly silent in use. This is great if you want to get an early morning or late evening workout in without disturbing the rest of your household. With a belt-drive, you do not get the authentic feel of riding an outdoor bike, but for some, the sacrifice for the silence is worth it. Like the other bikes there is a knob in the middle to easily adjust the resistance, or if you need to make and emergency stop a simple press down will stop the Flywheel rotation.

Like the others in the G series, the seat, handles, and resistance are all adjustable and will give you the smoothest ride possible without pain. The G8 comes with an 18kg Flywheel, which is less than the G7, but you must remember that using the belt mechanism will give more resistance anyway, so it makes up for what the chain bike may lack. This bike also comes with a wired computer heart rate receiver, meaning you can add that into your cardio workout to see what your optimal cycling pace should be.

The instruction video makes it simple to put together, and with its compact design, the G8 is the one to go for if you want an intense workout.

G12 Exercise bike

G12 Exercise bike

Last but by no means least is the G12 exercise bike.  Out of the four, this has the highest price point, but for a very good reason. This bike is the King-Kong of the G series. It is a belt-driven bike with a Flywheel of 5.5kg and a 3kg clump weight, meaning it will rival any type of commercial exercise bike.
It can take a max user weight of 150kg, and the heavy-duty frame means that there is no side-to-side movement when using this bike to work out. With virtually no maintenance for this bike, you will enjoy an incredibly smooth and stable ride.

The G12 exercise bike is suited to more serious riders wanting a challenging exercise experience from that very first workout. By purchasing this bike, you will get the same workout that you may receive in any commercial gym.

All the G bike series comes with a one-year warranty, so there is no issue fixing it in the unlikely event there is a problem.