Finding The Right Games Table

With so many different choices, brands, and prices available, it's easy to get overwhelmed when you are looking into buying a games table. What size do you want?

With so many different choices, brands, and prices available, it's easy to get overwhelmed when you are looking into buying a games table. What size do you want? What surface is good? Is outdoor or indoor the way to go? So many questions to ask, and luckily, we have the answers. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about getting the right games table.

Let's start with some essential details:

Indoor or Outdoor?


You need to take this into account before you even start looking at game’s tables. Are you getting the table for a specific room? Or is it going to go outside for parties and events? If you are looking to host parties outside there is no point in buying a games table, as they are indoor. In this case a table tennis table is the way to go. The frame and the material on top won't be able to withstand the Irish weather, and it will end up costing you more in the long run. 

If you are looking for an outdoor option, a table tennis table is the way to go, just be aware that they are pricier than their indoor counterparts. This is because they come with a waterproof design to brave the elements all year round. The components on an outdoor table are heavy-duty, meaning they won't be prone to rusting or breaking, and the surface is treated so that you don't have to worry about it warping. The special coating and stable structure mean you won't have to worry about the changeable Irish weather. 

If it is an indoor table, you are looking for, then be sure you have mapped out enough space in your home for it. A standard tables size is around 9-foot in length and 5-foot in width. You will have to allow for room around the table as well, but these measurements should give you a clear indication of how much space you need to have for one. Of course, some tables are smaller, while others are bigger, but those measurements as a standard are a good place to start.

Size Guide


As previously mentioned, there is a standard size for tables, but there are a few exceptions to that rule if you don't have space for a typical 9-foot table. Broadly speaking, there are three different sizes to choose from:

Standard Size Table

There are many names for this table such as regulation, full size, and Olympic. This is because it is a standard of measurement that most suppliers use. As these measurements are so common, how you can tell the difference in quality is by the thickness of the surface. Thickness can range from anywhere between 9mm all the way up to 22mm. This means it is often used for clubs, sports centres, and schools as the quality of the surface will allow heavy-duty use.

Junior Table Tennis Table

This is the second most popular one and is around ¾ the size of a standard table. The typical measurement of it is 2ft 6" and a 12mm surface. It also has a lower price point so is ideal for children or if you don't have space in your house.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

The price of games tables varies and can start anywhere from €149 up to €1,699. Why such a large gap? Well, it comes down to a few things such as quality, size, thickness, and whether it is an indoor or outdoor table. We'll bring you through a few different tables that are all good quality and suit various price ranges. 

Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis

If you are looking for a budget-friendly standard table tennis table, then the Butterfly 9ft Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table is the perfect one to choose. It has a 16mm playing surface and folds away to use minimum space. A strong steel frame protects the top, so it is pretty durable, and it has a playback facility, which means you can fold half the table up and play against yourself. It comes in at €329, which is on the lower end for a quality table tennis table such as this. 

If you don't want to spend that much on a table tennis table, though, there is always the option of purchasing a Flex Net. It is a portable table tennis net that you can attach to any table and transform your table into a table tennis table. It comes in at €21.50. There is an added benefit of not needing much storage space on this as it is simply a net. 

Suppose you are looking for a more mid-range table— then the Butterfly Easifold DX22 Rollaway Indoor Table Tennis Table. This table has an extra-strong 22mm surface. Each half of the table has two sets of wheels for ease of movement and a lock on them for when the table is folded out. The playback facility is easier than ever to use as the table is actually two separate halves. It comes in at €589 and is worth it if you are looking for an excellent mid-range table.

Now, we can’t mention all of these fantastic indoor table tennis tables without having at least one outdoor one on the list. The Butterfly Outdoor All Weather Table Tennis Table is a table made to endure the harsh Irish weather. It comes with a zinc-coated surface and has a 9mm surface level. This is perfect for anyone who wants a permanent table outside. You won't have to worry about this blowing away in the wind as its nett weight is 155kg. Coming in at €1699.95, this table really is an investment. 

Games Tables

Pool table

If you are looking for a games table, there are three options to choose from. You can go with a multi-game table, a football table, or a pool/table tennis table. Each one had its own benefits so we will break it down:



The multi-table has a wide range of games to choose from, from chess, and football, to bowling and table tennis. You will be sure to find something for the whole family on one of these tables.

Football Table


A football table, or foosball as it is commonly known as, is a two-player table where you can bring your players to victory all from the comfort of your home. These are also foldable so you can store it when it is not in use.

Pool/ Table Tennis Table

Pool and tennis

These two-in-one games table combine two popular games. Choose from either a game of pool or table tennis and enjoy family fun. It is also folding so it can be put away when not in use.

Final Thoughts

No matter which table you choose, all these games' tables will last for years to come and are a great gift for any time of the year.