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Proper athletics equipment is of vital importance for any athlete who takes their sport seriously. That is why the team at McSport Fitness and Sports Retailers has done all the legwork, sourcing the very best track and field equipment available on the market today.

Today’s athletics have benefited greatly from technological developments, and indeed stands alone as a sport in its own right. stocks a range of quality track and field equipment that includes:

  • Training Accessories: Stopwatches, personal challenge score cards, megaphones, foam modules, clipboards, measuring wheels, step count pedometers, safety mattresses, balance beams and instructional DVDs.
  • Training Gear: Vests, pacer shorts and footwear, to name but a few. Well-fitted training gear is vital if you are to reach your potential as an athlete. Footwear is especially important; shoes need to fit well and provide ample cushioning.
  • Track and Field Equipment: Tumbling mats, long jump mats, discus, relay batons, starting blocks, alloy hurdles, hammer packs and javelins.

These are just some of the quality athletics apparel and accessories we currently have in stock at our online store. Please do not he

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