Tyr Multi-Gym Spotlight Review

The Tyr Multi-gym is named after one of the bravest characters in Norse Mythology. Tyr was known as the God of War and Heroic Glory, making it an apt name for this multi-gym. This is a multi-gym that does it all for a reasonable price, and even better is that it has a small footprint. Let’s look at some of the best parts of this multi-gym.

Great for College Students and Teenagers

tyr multi-gym

If you’re looking to get your fitness made teenager a good present for Christmas, or you’re a college student looking to get a quick workout between classes, the Tyr multi-gym is the way to go. It only weighs 31kg and is 200 x 105 x 227 cm, meaning it can fit comfortably into a bedroom. Even if you don’t want it in your bedroom, it won’t take up too much room somewhere else in the house.

Great for beginners 

As this is such a lightweight multi-gym, it is recommended that only teenagers or college students use it. It does take a max load weight of 250kg, so it is perfect for anyone beginning their weight training, and if you are unsure where to start your strength and conditioning, then using this multi-gym will be a significant benefit.



As All the workout points on the Tyr multi-gym are fixed, it gives you a lot of versatility. It comes with a bench if you want to do weights, along with a pull-up bar, knee raise bar and other excellent attachments. The bench also folds up so you can clear up more space if needed.



As everything on the multi-gym is pre-fixed onto it, it is incredibly sturdy and robust. That is an added benefit; as you know, no matter what workout you are doing, it is extremely safe and secure throughout.

Our Verdict

The Tyr multi-gym is perfect for beginners looking to explore strength and conditioning training without having to pay for a gym membership or classes. This is an excellent gift for Christmas or as a birthday present, and whoever gets it will get a great workout on it each time.