Hit Fitness Ares 2.0 Multi Gym | Olympus Range

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Hit Fitness Ares Multi Gym

Hit Fitness Ares 2.0 Multi Gym | Olympus Range


Product information

Experience the Ares Multi Gym, a cutting-edge, all-in-one weight machine meticulously engineered for unparalleled toughness, durability, and versatility.

The power of multiple weight machines combined into one beast of an equipment: the Ares seamlessly integrates a power rack, smith machine, cable pulley system, pull-up bar, dip station and features attachments, offering you an unbeatable weight training experience.

From full-body workouts to targeted upper-body or lower-body training, this multi gym adapts effortlessly to your fitness routine. Transition between compound or isolation movements and super sets in mere seconds.

No more cluttered gym space or messy training areas. The Ares features convenient built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates, and cable attachments, ensuring your training area remains tidy, organized, and, most importantly, safe.


  • 2x 90kg weight stacks (1x on each side, with cover for protection)
  • Height adjustment for cable crossover and lat pulldown
  • High quality bearing system provides a smooth, low maintenance action
  • Adjustable Thigh Pads 
  • Short & long spotter arms for safe weight drop
  • Functional dip simulated paddle action
  • Olympic bar storage
  • 6x Weight plate storage
  • Chin up can bar: close and wide grips
  • 180° Adjustable back pads for core stability


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 220 x 202 x 168 cm
  • Net Weight: 219kg
  • Warranty: 2 years, Home and Light Commercial.