30kg & 50kg Dumbbell and Barbell Spotlight Review

Hit Fitness has come out with two new products: the 30kg and 50kg dumbbell and barbell set. These are compact, affordable, and versatile. While it’s not the first time we have seen these on the market, a few things set these above the rest of what you can currently get. Let’s take a look into these sets, what makes them great, why these are perfect for anyone starting out or with a lack of space in their homes.

No space? No problem

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The first thing that makes these sets unique is that you don’t need a lot of space for them. Both the 30kg and the 50kg sets come in carrying cases, making them ideal for storing away when not in use. As they are adjustable sets, they can be broken down quickly and compact enough to work out in your bedroom if there is nowhere else to go.

Versatility is Key 

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If you are looking for a set that can do a lot for you, the 30kg and 50kg is the way to go. These are versatile sets that allow you to choose from using them as either a dumbbell or barbell. Here are some ways they are versatile.

Use of Cast Iron weights

Each set comes with cast iron weights, which means that while you can use them as a dumbbell or barbell, you also can use the weights by themselves for different exercises. As they vary in size, it’s easy to change up the workout without using a barbell or dumbbell handle at all.

Use as Dumbbell or Barbell 

Both sets come with connector tools, meaning you can change the focus of your workouts and get the best of both worlds, all in one set. Using both the dumbbell and barbell of these sets will be sure to have you fitter, in no time.

Spinlocks for extra stability

As an added benefit, all these sets come with spinlocks for added stability during the workout, meaning you don’t have to worry about the weights coming off the dumbbell or barbell.

Range of weights 

Both sets come with fixed weights ranging from 0.5kg and 5kg. Of course, the 50kg comes more than the 30kg does, so if you are looking for a more intense workout, the 50kg is the way to go.

Who these will benefit the most

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The great thing about these sets is that they will benefit everyone! If you want to get a good workout in but don’t want to dedicate ample space in your house to a home gym, then one of these sets are the perfect addition for that. The 30kg, in particular, is excellent for anyone that is just starting with weight lifting and dumbbell training. As it is a 30kg set, you can work your way up to lifting heavier weights and begin with using the 0.5kg.

This is also a good option if you are looking to gain confidence in lifting before going to the gym to do more serious weight lifting.

 The 50kg is best for someone more versed in dumbbell and barbell training but doesn’t want to use the space up in their home. Again, if you’re going to make your way up to heavier lift weight, then the 50kg is the one to go with.

Now that we know the main benefits of these sets let’s take a look at the difference between the two (besides the weight)

30kg Set 

30kg set

When you purchase the 30kg set, you get:

1 x connector tool

1 x container

2 x dumbbell handles

4 x spinlocks

4 x 0.5kg plates

4 x 1.25kg plates

8 x 2.5kg plates

The two dumbbell handles come with a rubber grip on them for extra comfort and an easy grip. By using the connector tool, you can transform the dumbbell handles into a 3ft barbell. This set is great for hip thrusters, military presses, and power cleans. Just give yourself enough room to do these exercises.

50kg Set 


When you purchase a 50kg set, you get:

1 x container

1 x connector tool

2 x dumbbell handles

2 x barbell handles

4 x 0.5kg plates

6 x 1.25kg plates

4 x 2.5kg plates

4 x 5kg plates

6 x spinlocks

The great thing about the 50kg set is that you actually have two sets of handles instead of one, meaning you can use the dumbbells and barbell simultaneously. This set comes with two barbell handles that use the connector tool to make it into a barbell. Along with that, instead of 4 spinlocks, you get 6. This means that if you and someone else want to use the set simultaneously, it is easily don’t, and you don’t have to risk any stability of the weights on the barbell and dumbbell handles.

The dumbbell handles come with a rubber grip, while the barbell is chrome and lightly knurled, making it perfect for gripping if you are doing power cleans. Even better, once you are done, the clean-up is easy.

Final thoughts 

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The 30kg and 50kg are the perfect addition to any home or studio. The compact size of these is a big selling point, and they are expertly made to get fantastic quality for the money. These sets are an excellent investment and are another brilliant product to come from Hit Fitness.