Tyr Multi-Gym Spotlight Review

The Tyr Multi-gym is named after one of the bravest characters in Norse Mythology. Tyr was known as the God of War and Heroic Glory, making it an apt name for this multi-gym.

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30kg & 50kg Dumbbell and Barbell Spotlight Review

Hit Fitness has come out with two new products: the 30kg and 50kg dumbbell and barbell set. These are compact, affordable, and versatile. While it’s not the first time we have seen these on the market, a few things set these above the rest of what you can currently get.

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Does Technology Have A Place In Fitness? A Review

The smartphone changed how we interacted as a society, and while in some instances it did remove us from others, it also brought many together. Companies saw the way technology was going and decided to create their app of their programs. Now you can have a personal trainer help you without having to take the time out of your day to travel and train. 

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