How To Know Which Weight Bench Is For You

The weight bench may not seem like an essential part of your workout routine, but there is much more thought needed than you may think when purchasing one. There are four different categories that benches fall into; we’ll bring you through each one to give you a better understanding.

What workout are you doing?

Kettlebell bench

As there are a plethora of weight benches out there, the easiest way to determine which one suits your needs most is to look at which exercises you will be using the bench with. For instance, if you are looking for an incline press, having a flat bench is not the one for you.

Keep in mind which one you are looking for when buying so you can easily eliminate the ones you don't want. 

What is your weight

It may seem like an insensitive question, but it is important for weight benches. Now, many weight benches out there have a high maximum user weight, but there is no harm to double-checking the weight amount, as some of the budget benches may be lower than you were expecting.

How much room do you have

Benches are relatively compact but depending on the one you get, they can be bigger than you were expecting. Make sure you have the measurements of where you want it to go, and if you look online, you will usually find the dimensions of the bench you want.

Benefits of Weight Benches

Home bench

Now that we have gotten through the parts to consider, it is time to look at the benefits of weight benches.

Extra support

We all need a bit of support sometimes when working out, and weight benches are the perfect product to do that. Using a weight bench helps you stay in the proper position, so you know how to do the exercise correctly, along with the soft cushioning of the bench, allowing you to focus on the exercise instead of your position.


Using a weight bench can add versatility to your workouts. Depending on the angle your bench is, you can get a full-body workout by implementing a weight bench into your routine.

Tone your muscles

Using weights, in general, will help tone your body, but in this case, having a bench will help you tone-up as you can focus on the weights and different exercises that are bench specific.

The Different Types Of Benches 

There are four different categories that benches fall into; we’ll bring you through each one to give you a better understanding of each one to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a weight bench.

Adjustable Weight Benches 

Adjustable weight bench

These are some of the most common weight benches you see in studios and gyms. They are highly versatile and come with different adjustments, called the step mechanism and the pin mechanism. Whichever mechanism you go for is down to preference, as each one is good.

Using an adjustable bench gives you a wider variety of exercises you can perform with both barbells and dumbbells. Adjusting the angle changes the muscles that are activated during the exercise.

A great benefit of these benches is that many of them also come with a handle and wheels, making it easier than ever to move and store away. Overall, adjustable benches are a solid choice when choosing a weight bench.

Flat Weight Benches

flat bench

This is the original weight bench, which is now known as the flat weight bench. This bench doesn’t adjust at all; this one is best for bench presses and dumbbell rows. This bench is excellent for barbell exercises as they are durable and require no maintenance. They are lower to the ground than an adjustable weight bench, mainly because the adjustable needs the room to adjust.

This bench is ideal if you focus on a particular exercise and feel you do not need an adjustable bench.

Olympic Weight Benches 

Olympic bench

An Olympic bench is a great option if you have room for it and there are few key benefits of an Olympic weight bench that may sway you when you are deciding on a bench. The most prominent feature of this bench is that it removes the need to take up a rack and bench when working out. The Olympic bench also acts as a storage unit, as you can store your barbell and plates when not in use.

You need to be aware that this bench is quite big, though, so getting it will take up a lot of room. The bench itself is also flat, so you won’t be able to adjust it. 

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Specialist Weight Benches 

specialist bench

Having a specialist bench is for working on specific muscles, such as the hip thrust bench. That only has one use which is fantastic if you want a specialised bench but other than that, it might not be the one for you.

Honourable Mention

multi-functional bench

There is another type of specialist bench available that is a combination between an adjustable bench and specialist bench. It’s called the multi-functional weight bench, and it’s an adjustable bench while also being a storage unit for dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells, or whatever you are looking to store.

Final thoughts


All of these benches are beneficial in their own way, and it is all down to preference. We hope that this gave you a better understanding of the different types you can purchase. Be sure to check out our weight bench range and find the perfect bench for you. Happy lifting!

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