The Power of Power Bands

20 Apr 2021
The Power of Power Bands

The 'Power band' can be dated as far back as the early 20th century, most commonly constructed from surgical tubing. Fast forward 100 years and the power band has gone from being generally used by physical therapists and chiropractors to becoming the ‘must-have’ tool for every athlete, no matter what their level of performance.

Power bands (also known as resistance bands) are productive, flexible, inexpensive, and mobile training tools that can significantly enhance an athlete’s exercise regime, whilst also effectively furthering an athlete’s rehabilitative process. The surge in the popularity of resistance bands amongst athletes is a result of a number of factors.

Benefits of Power Bands

Power bands are extremely affordable to purchase enabling any athlete to incorporate them into their exercise program. No matter what level a person is at, beginner, intermediate or pro, power bands will greatly augment your athletic capabilities. In order to compensate all levels, power bands come in a variety of resistances. The unique characteristic of resistance bands is their ability to prevent repetitive workouts. The bands may be implemented into basically any exercise, as a result of their divergent functions and range of versatility.

Due to their light weight and flexibility the power bands are ideal for all fitness enthusiasts. The Hit Fitness Power Bands are particularly effective for those who tend to travel on a frequent basis. Resistance Bands such as the Flexvit Multi bands, are exceptionally efficient for those wishing to cultivate muscle tone, boost strength, and develop their balance, stability and coordination. Power bands are an absolute necessity tool for a wide range of dissimilar training programs, enabling an athlete to easily incorporate the bands into their current exercises.

3 Essential Power Band Exercises

1. Front Squat
Place both feet on the band, situating them slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Take a firm grip of each handle or end of the strap, depending on the band. Bring the handles of the band over each shoulder, ensuring the tension is correct. If the band is too long secure the band in place by crossing your arms at your chest. In a squat-like motion, sit straight down, keeping your back as straight as possible, chest up, abs frim, core engaged, pressing your knees out just over your toes. Rise back up to start position. Repeat motion for a number of reps.

2. Push-Up
Power bands such as Hit Fitness Power Bands, further the push-up to another dimension with a simple, yet effective exercise. Begin exercise by starting off in a plank position. Find a neutral pelvic position and maintain throughout the exercise. Drape the band across your upper back, looping the ends of the band through each thumb and placing your hands on the group, slightly more than shoulder width apart. Contract both your glutes and abs, and push up in a straight motion until arms are fully extended. Lower back down to start off position, with chest just above the floor. Repeat motion for a number of reps.

3. Overhead Press
Take a starting position by placing both feet shoulder-width apart on the band. Firmly grip the band with both hands, ensuring both hands are aligning with shoulders. Drive your arms up in a straight-word motion. Rotate your palms as you fully extend your arms. Maintain an engaged core and straight back throughout the motion. Slowly lower downwards in a squat-like motion. Repeat for a number of reps.

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