Hit Fitness Athletic Pack 120kg | Rack - Bench - Coloured Bumper Plates

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Hit Fitness Athletic Pack 120kg | Rack - Bench - Coloured Bumper Plates

Hit Fitness Athletic Pack 120kg | Rack - Bench - Coloured Bumper Plates


Product information
Our ultimate home gym bundle is curated to advance your strength training to new heights. This comprehensive package includes:

The F100 Pro Power Rack offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises such as squats, chest presses, chin-ups, and more.

Paired with the SB30 Home Weight Bench, which offers 6 adjustable positions, you can target various muscle groups with ease.

Our Commercial Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates provide durability and safety, allowing you to push your limits without damaging your floors. With each plate color-coded for easy identification, you can effortlessly adjust your workout intensity.

Complete with the 7ft Olympic Barbell featuring a sleek chrome finish and knurled handles for a secure grip, this bundle is designed to enhance your strength training experience.

Transform your home gym into a powerhouse of strength and performance with our exclusive bundle. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting your fitness journey, this package has everything you need to achieve your goals and exceed your limits.

The F100 Pro Power Rack by Hit Fitness is perfect for home gym use. All HIT Fitness power racks are easy to assemble and simple to install in any home. A massive variety of resistance exercises can be performed using this power rack including; Shrugs, Squats, Chest Presses, Shoulder presses, Chin ups, Pull-ups, deadlifts, rack pulls, and lunges.

The Hit Fitness SB30 Home Weight Bench is one of the most versatile home benches in the market. This heavy duty weight bench supports up to 150kg. The SB30 Home Weight Bench has 6 levels of incline available on the back rest, reaching up to 90º. This level of customisation makes it easy to find the correct sitting or lying position for any exercise. 

Hit Fitness Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates are Olympic weightlifting plates that are used primarily for resistance, fitness, strength, circuit, and hypertrophy training. HIT FITNESS bumper plates are made of 100% rubber. This allows heavy loads to be dropped safely onto platforms and gym floors without causing damage to flooring and reducing the amount of bouncing that occurs the following impact.

Each bumper plate has been given a unique colour so that the plate's weight in kilograms can be identified easily by colour.

This 7ft Olympic Barbell is a must have for anyone serious about their strength training. 30mm in diameter and is for use with 2" Olympic plates only.

This barbell has a stylish chrome finish and the handles are knurled to ensure maximum grip during workouts.


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