Hit Fitness F200 Pro Power Rack

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Hit Fitness F200 Pro Power Rack

Hit Fitness F200 Pro Power Rack


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Product information

The Hit Fitness F200 Pro Power Rack is the perfect commercial addition for gyms with heavy lifting clientele. It features a 60mm steel frame with 30 adjustable levels to provide a stable and secure foundation at an even heavier weight. 

The strong steel frame comes with Anti-Scratch J-Cups that can be easily positioned at different heights to accommodate various exercises and individual user preferences. This feature ensures that the barbell can be set at the correct height for squats, bench presses, and other compound movements.

The Adjustable Spotter Bars act as your safety net, they act as a spotter, catching the barbell if you are unable to complete a repetition.

The Multi Grip Pull Up Bar allows a vast array of pull-ups, chin-ups, in all alternating varieties.

A massive variety of resistance exercises can be performed using this power rack including; Shrugs, Squats, Chest Presses, Shoulder presses, Chin ups, Pull-ups, deadlifts, rack pulls, and lunges. Compatible with a range of attachments that will allow for a full range of workouts, and even more variety.

All Hit Fitness power racks are easy to assemble and simple to install. Please Note: Only 7ft Olympic Bars Can Be Used With All Power Racks.


  • J-Cups and full length spotters for working out safely at home
  • Adjustable Spotter Bars & Anti Slip Feet.
  • Rear base bar position provides increased room for weight bench positioning
  • Great for shrugs, squats, chest, shoulder press & more
  • Strut Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 2mm
  • 30 Adjustable levels
  • 17mm diameter holes spaced at 50mm intervals
  • Product Weight: 78.8kg


Maximum Weight Capacity 350 Kg
Dimensions L x W x H 120cm x 136cm x 214cm
Assembly Required Yes
Grip Pull Up Bar Options Narrow and Wide
Adjustable (Which Part) Yes - Adjustable Spotter Bars
Attachments Included No
Rubber Grips on Pull up Bar Yes
Mounting Type N/A
Warranty 1 Year Home Warranty

How does the F200 Pro compare with the F100 Pro? 

  • The F200 Pro is taller and heavier 
  • The F200 Pro uses larger 60mm steel box sections (the F100 Pro uses 50mm)
  • The F200 Pro has more holes for attachments to be added
  • The F200 Pro has a larger internal workout space
  • The F200 Pro is stronger and has a higher max load

What attachments are available?

  • Cable Pulley
  • Dip Bar
  • Wrist Roller
  • Half Straight Dip Station
  • Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar
  • Suspension Saftey Straps
  • Olympic Plate Holder
  • J-Hooks
  • Landmine
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Barbell Holder
  • Lap Bar / Leg Pad
  • Adjustable Jammer Arms

 Shop Accessories for the F200 Rack (optional)

Cable Pulley System Dip Bar Attachment Landmine Attachment
J-Hooks Straight Dip Station Jammer Arms

Shop All F200 Attachments

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