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Are you thoroughly confused as to which energy drink or energy bar to purchase in order to give yourself the edge you need to perform at the best of your physical ability? You are not alone. Whether you are a professional athlete, sports enthusiast, weight lifter or brand new member at your local gym, chances are you are being bombarded with products that are aimed at enhancing your training or hastening post-workout recovery.

Walking into the supplement section of a pharmacy or health store can be a daunting experience. There are so many supplements and nutritional exercise aids available today that you are simply overwhelmed by choice. How do you go about choosing between protein powders, amino acids and fat burners for instance? You may even be asking yourself whether or not you really need a supplement.

It is, however, vital for the active person to maintain proper nutritional intake in order to avoid deficiencies, prevent injuries and promote the health of various bodily systems in order to reach training goals like fat burning or muscle building.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself (or discuss with your nutritionist) before you venture into the supplement isle:

  • What are my personal training goals? Do you want to build muscle, tone or burn fat? Your individual training goals will necessitate very specific supplementation. It is best to determine beforehand what your needs are in order to avoid needless spending.
  • What is my lifestyle and how will supplements fit into it? Although supplementation is necessary when you train hard, the best sport nutrition still remains a balanced diet. You should never see supplements as a substitute for proper eating, which is why you should determine the gaps it will be used to fill before you make a purchase.
  • Do I have enough information? Do your homework and be careful not to buy into marketing hype. Research each product itself and do not fall for celebrity endorsements or smooth marketing schemes.

Why not take a look at our comprehensive selection of sport supplements? We stock everything from energy drinks to protein shakes and sports water bottles - giving you the option of purchasing all your energy supplements and nutritional training aids in one convenient place. 

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