How To Get Back To Fitness

Getting back to fitness can feel daunting, and even more, it can be tough to know where you would even start with it. We have a few different workouts to choose from for starting back, along with some tips to keep as you get back to fitness!

Living through a global pandemic has affected all walks of life. From working to holidays, all the way down to our diets and fitness. All of these took a back seat while everyone adjusted to their new routines.

With everything finally re-opening and the world returning to normality now is a great time to get back to your fitness routine. Starting back can feel daunting, and even more, it can be tough to know where you would even start with it. We have a few different workouts to choose from for starting back, but before that, here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting back to fitness.

Set Your Intentions


What reason are you working out? To keep fit? To lose weight? To bulk up? Whatever the reason may be, make sure your intentions are aligned correctly before you start.

Once you have your intentions in mind, it will be easier to get back into your fitness routine.

Work your way up

The second tip we have is to work your way up. There’s no need to go as hard as possible straight away. All that will do is lead to burnout, or you may even do some damage to your body.

You need to start small and work your way up. Even if you have experience in the past of a specific workout, it may be the case that you have lost some of the power you used to have. Start small and make your way up to your old level.

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Be realistic

It may be tough to come to terms with, but if you have not been working out in a while, the fitness level you once had will be gone. You must work back up to it, slowly so as not to injure yourself.

There’s no point in setting unrealistic goals for yourself that will be near unachievable. All that will happen is you will lose motivation and be more likely to stop working out.

Find the time

This is one that we're all guilty of. With work and school back, it’s easy to get lost in the routine and not make time for fitness. You should be trying to workout out 2-3 times a week. This means for those days; you need to find time to work out.

Redefine what fitness is to you

Working out isn’t one size fits all. Some may have a more flexible schedule, while others are working a 12-hour shift. Even working out for as little as 10 minutes a day can help your fitness journey.

If you can’t make time after work or after the children are asleep, it will need to be incorporated into your typical day. On your break, take a walk or do some stretches. Something that will get you moving will be better for your overall health.

Different ways to get back to fitness

With those tips in mind, here are some different workouts and ways to get back to fitness.



There are different workouts you can do that will help your overall fitness. Whether you want to lose weight or build endurance, cardio is a great option. These can be done on a treadmill or outdoors, whichever your preference is.

Boost fitness and endurance:

1. The Easy Run - simple slow jog for a set amount of time.

2. Tempo Run - Run at a hard pace that you can maintain. Then drop down your speed for breathers every few minutes.

3. The Long Run- Push yourself to run as far as you can. Don’t set a speed.

Boost speed:

1. Progression - Break your run into segments. Each segment gets faster. Your first segment should be a slow jog, and your last segment should be all out.

2. Weighted Runs - You can add a weight vest or do sprints with resistance (bands or parachutes). Then once you run without the extra weight/resistance, you’ll be surprised how fast you can go.

Boost weight loss:

1. The Long Run- Push yourself to run as far as you can. Don’t set a speed.

2.Bodyweight Circuits- Try adding in sets of bodyweight exercises after a set distance, like push-ups, lunges, squat jumps etc. 



    Strength training is a great way to get back into fitness. Having a barbell set or a pair of kettlebells and dumbbells will go a long way in helping you with strength workouts.

    Don’t have any strength kits? Check out our home gym bundles!

    A full-body kettlebell workout:

     Part 1

     1 Round - As fast as possible:⁠⠀

     21 x Kettlebell Swings⁠⠀

     21 x Burpee⁠⠀

     21 x Butterfly crunch⁠⠀

     15 x Kettlebell Swings⁠⠀

     15 x Burpee⁠⠀

     15 x Butterfly crunch⁠⠀

     9 x Kettlebell Swings⁠⠀

     9 x Burpee⁠⠀

     9 x Butterfly crunch⁠

     **2-minute rest**

     Part 2

     4 Rounds of:⁠⠀

     10 x Kb Goblet Squat⁠⠀

     10 x Kb Squat Pulse⁠⠀

     10 x Kb Swing⁠⠀

     **60 seconds rest after each round**⁠⠀

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    21s is an exercise that you can do with dumbbells to top off a workout! This one is made for Biceps.

    Take about 80%-90% of your 12-rep max. You’ll do 7 reps of each variation without breaking to complete 21 reps.

    To complete the exercise:

    Curl your dumbbell from straight arm to 90 degrees and slowly lower for 7 Reps.

    Curl your dumbbell from 90 degrees to peak at your shoulders and lower back to starting position for 7 reps.

    Curl the dumbbell from a straight arm position to peak up at your shoulder for 7 reps.



    There are significant recovery and flexibility benefits from Yoga and Pilates. By doing these, it will help strengthen your core and make your overall workout easier.

    Lord Of The Dance


    Begin in Tadasana, facing the front of the mat 

    Root down through the big toe mounds while lifting the inner arches

    Bend the right knee and reach back with the right hand to clasp the ankle

    Pause and steady yourself

    Press and kick your foot into your hand, engaging your leg muscles and using this power to lift the knee up and out while stretching through the hip flexors. As you kick the foot, keep growing tall, raising your heart, and opening your chest. Start to feel a backbend in your upper back. Simultaneously reach the left arm forward and up.

    You’re in the pose! Stabilise your legs and lower core.

    Lean slightly forward to stretch into this pose and gaze ahead over your fingers.

    Warrior II


    Stand with feet wide, 3–4 feet apart. Shift your right heel out, so your toes are pointing slightly inward. Turn your left foot out 90 degrees. Line up your left heel with the arch of your right foot.

    Bend your left knee to a 90-degree angle, keeping the knee in line with the second toe to protect the knee joint. Stretch through your straight back leg and ground down into the back foot.

    On an inhale, bring arms to a T at shoulder height. Draw your shoulder blades down the back. Spread your fingers and keep palms facedown. Gaze over the front fingers.

    As you exhale, sink deeper into the stretch.

    Final Thoughts

    Outdoor workout

    Getting back to fitness doesn’t need to be a chore. It’s about finding something you like and working on that. If you realise you don’t like it, then simply change your workouts.

    We hope these exercises help you, and if you want to more about different workouts, check out working out with the Aerobic stepin the gym, and with Plyo Boxes!