6 Essential Exercises using the Aerobic Step

20 Apr 2021
6 Essential Exercises using the Aerobic Step

In case you think the humble step is dated, you’ll need to think again. We’ve rounded up some exercises that will strengthen, tone AND burn fat. You’ll never look at the step in the same way again.

Incline Press Up
Incline push-ups target the middle to lower region of the chest, taking some of the pressure off the shoulders and triceps. They are great for anyone who finds a full push-up just too hard. To do this with your step you will need to place hands on the edge of the bench or platform, slightly wider than shoulder width. Position your feet back from the step with arms and body straight. Arms should be perpendicular to body. Keeping body straight, lower chest to edge of box or platform by bending arms. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.

Decline Press Up
The Decline Push Up works the upper chest and front shoulders (delts) more than the regular or incline variation. To do this you will need to place your feet on the step and hands on the ground on either side of your chest. Lock out your elbows, keeping your body straight. Lower your chest to the floor, pause and push back to your starting position.

Elevated Kettlebell Sumo Squat
This exercise allows you to get great depth with your squat, effectively targeting your glute max over your quads (NB for ladies looking for that squat booty!). To do this you will need two steps and a kettlebell. Place each foot on each step in a wide stance, pointing your toes outward. Hold the kettlebell in front of you between your legs and squat down until the kettlebell touches the floor, come up, squat down again and repeat until you have completed the necessary reps.

Toe Tap
This cardio routine is a great one for warming up or used in a HIIT workout. Stand behind the step and lightly place one toe on the step in front of with your knee bent. You will only need to rest your toe here, placing no weight on it. Quickly lift foot, and alternate the feet tapping the step. Complete these movements quickly to get your heart rate going.

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