The Benefits of Neoprene Dumbbells

One of the benefits of neoprene dumbbells is that they are soft and smooth to touch, with an easy-grip that does not get slippery when you sweat, unlike other dumbbells that add a textured knurl to them for added grip. As neoprene is softer than steel or cast iron, it is more comfortable for your skin.

Adding a set of weights to your workout routine is instrumental in helping you build a solid and healthy physique. Dumbbells are a central part of a home-based and gym workout. It’s finding the right dumbbell set to suit your needs that can be tricky. There is so much to consider from what weight you need; what type is the best? Which will benefit you the most? Which are the most durable? Neoprene dumbbells tick a lot of these boxes and are a popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts. You’ve probably already seen them as they’re the dumbbells that are most often different colours.

Neoprene dumbbells have the colloquial nickname of ‘women’s dumbbells’. With this nickname comes a stigma. This stigma stems from studio classes in the gym or private workout classes using neoprene dumbbells. The usual demographic of people attending those classes were women, and so a stereotype was born. We’re glad to say that slowly but surely, that stigma is leaving as the benefits of neoprene dumbbells come to light, but things like this take time to change. Nevertheless, we love neoprene dumbbells, and this article will break down just how versatile and valuable they are to everyone’s workout, no matter the gender or fitness level.

What are neoprene dumbbells?

Neoprene Dumbbells

Neoprene is part of a family of synthetic rubbers used in various applications such as wet suits, laptop sleeves, and of course, dumbbells. Nearly all dumbbells have a cast iron base; however, many manufacturers like to cover them with other material to improve the look and feel of the dumbbells. Neoprene dumbbells are soft and smooth to touch, with an easy-grip that does not get slippery when you sweat.

Why is neoprene good?

Neoprene, over regular dumbbells, has extra grip support that gives you peace of mind when working out that they won't slip. If you do accidentally drop them, though, they won’t damage your wooden floors by accident. It doesn't just protect your floors, but the dumbbells themselves. As it's customary to store your weights together on a rack or side-by-side on the floor, there's no fear of damaging them if they bump into each other.

The neoprene coating does more than protecting them— it also dampens noise. So, you won't have to worry about being overly loud when you place them on the floor or back in storage.

Easy weight recognition

If you are going to purchase a complete neoprene dumbbell set, you will end up with a large selection of dumbbells to choose from. Even though the larger weights will have a slight difference from their lighter counterparts, it can be difficult to tell the difference straight away. Neoprene dumbbells colourful options are for more than just aesthetics. Each one represents a different weight, making it easy to tell the difference. While it may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, they tend to stay around the same colours; for instance, a 5kg dumbbell will be dark blue. Be sure you know the colour scheme of the brand you are buying, as that is not a rule, and the colours may vary.

Comfortable grips

Neoprene dumbbell workout

Having a good grip on your dumbbell through a workout is essential. With neoprene dumbbells, the material itself is smooth and easy to grip, unlike other dumbbells that add a textured knurl to them for added grip. As the material is softer than steel or cast iron, it is more comfortable for your skin. The comfortable grip ensures your safety as well as there is a less likely chance of it slipping out of your hand and falling on your foot or leg.

Fixed weight

Some may see this as a deficit as neoprene dumbbells only range from 0.5kg to 10kg, but these dumbbells are versatile. It is a common misconception that the smaller weights are for beginners only, but that is untrue. Using the fixed weight means you can settle on the right pair and not have to spend a lot of money on a more extensive dumbbell set.

Of course, another benefit of a fixed weight is that you simply ‘grab and go’, which is more efficient for a fast and uninterrupted training session.

Neoprene dumbbell sets in particular, are excellent for specific exercises such as supersets and drop sets. The key to the exercise is to switch from one weight amount to another as fast as you can. Having a set of neoprene dumbbells, there’s no delay in this exercise.

Size and shape

neoprene dumbbells10kg

A neoprene dumbbell’s size is a benefit that not many consider. These dumbbells— while they vary in weight— don’t tend to be overly large. Even the largest size, a 10kg dumbbell, is still smaller than your average dumbbell set, meaning that their compact size makes it easy to store safely in smaller spaces after use.

All neoprene dumbbells come in a hexagonal shape, meaning you can place it on the ground or on a table without fear of them rolling and doing accidental damage in your home.


Neoprene dumbbells, unlike other fixed weight dumbbells, are a budget-friendly option of weights. The most you will pay for a set of them will be in the €60-€70 range, which is very low compared to their adjustable or rubber counterparts. If you are looking for a complete neoprene dumbbell set, the cost will rise significantly, but that is expected as you are getting the full range of them.

Is neoprene right for you?

Everyone is different and has a different fitness level. You may be starting in the world of dumbbells and don't know what to go with, or you may be a fitness fiend looking to change up your weight collection, either way, you can’t go wrong with neoprene dumbbells. If you are in the market for neoprene dumbbells, you should know that they are historically known for light training and rehabilitation exercises, so don’t be discouraged if you only see articles stating that. As more people realise their benefits and utilise them for a more rounded workout, they are becoming the go-to for many fitness enthusiasts.

These are perfect for a varied workout, building subtle muscles and increasing your grip strength rather than just focusing on one area.

What size is best?

Neoprene dumbbell workout

Even with the neoprene’s limited sizing, it can still be overwhelming trying to buy a dumbbell set that suits you. We recommend going in-store to get a feel of all the sizes to see which works for you, but a general rule to go by is:

For beginners that have begun working out in the past six months and have done no heavy lifting, then investing in neoprene dumbbells between 0.5kg-4kg is an ideal size to get started with.

For intermediate training or people who exercise regularly but only focus on cardio, then between 2kg-5kg dumbbells will be a comfortable fit.

For people that have been doing some heavy lifting for a few years now or are at ease with heavier weights, then going between 5kg-10kg will help you keep fit and get in shape.

These are just some of the benefits of neoprene dumbbells; if you want to know more about the different type of dumbbells you can get, why not check out our blog and find out which dumbbells are right for you!