Take the Gym Home

More people are obsessed with personal health & fitness than ever before and that’s why we’ve seen an increase in the amount of home gyms being created in garages & spare rooms. McSport have been in business for 40 years and we have been involved in designing and installing some of the finest gyms in the country. We’re here to help you get creative and turn your space into something special, a place where you can reach your fitness goals! We’ve got Cardio, Strength & Functional training equipment that will turn your empty room into your very own personal gym.

Questions to ask yourself:
What are my goals? - what kind of fitness do you want to achieve? Are you training for a marathon? Looking to bulk or tone up? Or, are you just looking to improve how you feel while doing daily tasks? Take all this into consideration before you decide what kind of equipment you need. How much space do I have? – if you have plenty of space, then your options are vast, but if space is limited then be realistic and don’t overcrowd the room. Pick equipment that uses the size of the room effectively.

Equipment Guide:
There are 2 types of home gym that we see regularly: cardio/functional training gyms or strength/ weight training gyms. Now we’ll talk you through the different options and their benefits.


Cardio Home Gym


Cardio fitness is crucial in keeping our cardiovascular health in check and is an excellent way to burn fat. Regularly exercising with cardio equipment improves your heart and lung capacity which contributes to reducing stress and improving sleep. These amazing benefits make cardio home gyms hugely popular.

Choosing a Cardio Machine:
Treadmills are our most popular cardio machines due to the varying levels of price points and specifications we have. They are ideal for runners and walkers who want to maintain their fitness levels during the winter months, or for people who just prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home.

Exercise Bikes are an excellent way of strengthening your lower body and your core. If you're looking to hit high-intensity interval training goals, then our upright indoor bikes are perfect for you. For those who are elderly or recovering from injury, our Recumbent Bikes provide a safe way to keep fit.

Elliptical/ Cross Trainers are a great way of getting a cardiovascular workout in, while also reducing stress on your ankles, hips and knees. It’s a total body workout and we have a wide range of options available.

Cardio Home Gym Image


Functional Training:
Having a cardio machine alone doesn’t make your home gym complete. Functional equipment is crucial to giving your workout regime variety. Functional accessories are designed to help you carry out daily tasks more effectively by replicating movements such as lifting, pushing & throwing. Check out our Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Battle Ropes, Performance Sleds, Power Bands and Resistance Bands - with these on hand you're sure to improve your functional training performance. All are the perfect size for a home gym. If you’re into combat training check out our Boxing section, which includes Punch Bags & Gloves.

Every form of exercise should start and end with stretching. The benefits are endless, it improves your flexibility, range of motion, and your overall performance. It’s vital to have a section of your home gym where you can lay a Mat down and use Resistance bands, Power bands & Foam rollers. Combine a few of the above and you have your very own recovery section.


Strength & Weight Training Home Gym

Weight training is an excellent way to increase muscle mass, improve bone density, increase flexibility and burn calories. Here’s what you need for creating your very own weight training gym at home.



Benches & Racks
Weight benches & racks are important pieces of equipment for both maintaining variety in your strength workout and helping you to reach your goals. We have benches designed to provide a variety of back rest positions to suit many different types of exercises. We also have benches that combine a bench with storage space, making it ideal in smaller spaces.


Weight Plates & Barbells

Combine our weight plates and barbells to find a combination to suit your requirements. A standard barbell usually can carry 120kg and once you start lifting at this weight it's time to step up to the Olympic grade. Choose from Olympic grade bumper plates or cast iron plates. Remember, Iron plates will mean a noisy gym! Choosing a barbell is also important as it connects you to the plate you are lifting. You’ll want something that’s comfortable on the hands to avoid discomfort while exercising. We’ve created packs that combine plates and barbells so you don’t have to worry about the decision. Storing your plates and barbells away safely is extremely important and keeps your home gym organised. We have weight bar storage racks to help you with this.


Free Weights equipment

We provide free Weights like Dumbbells, Barbells, Weight Plates, Kettlebells, and Power racks. Free Weights will enable you to introduce many different types of exercises to your routine including bench press, squats, deadlifts, and bicep curls. Adding a set of Dumbbells – used with your bench – will add some different options to your strength training. Choose from our rubber, urethane, & hex dumbbells, all available in many different weights. To store your dumbbells neatly, we have a variety of storage options. Kettlebells also offer a unique workout combining cardio movements with strength training. We offer Cast iron, rubber, & neoprene options. Adding proper flooring is essential if you are privy to dropping your equipment after finishing a set.

Other factors:

There is a lot to think about before you make your order. We’ve looked at a few of these already, like storage space to optimise the size of your space. Other factors to take into account are noise levels, power requirements, ceiling height & structural integrity. Most cardio machines need power and most weights are noisy and can cause damage if not used properly. Once all this has been taken into consideration, you can begin building your dream home gym!