Hit Fitness Round Dumbbells - from 17.5kg to 27.5kg | Bundle

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Hit Fitness Round Dumbbells - from 17.5kg to 27.5kg | Bundle

Hit Fitness Round Dumbbells - from 17.5kg to 27.5kg | Bundle


Product information

The Hit Fitness Round Dumbbells - 17.5kg to 27.5kg (Bundle) features a comprehensive range of round rubber dumbbells designed to accommodate fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters.

Weights ranging from 17.5kg to 27.5kg are ideal for for heavy, low-rep lifts, making this dumbbell pack the perfect choice for compound exercises and isolation movements (if you up to challenge). 

The 17.5kg and the 20kg dumbbells provide a stepping stone for those ready to increase their resistance. Perfect for movements like goblet squats, shoulder presses, and bent-over rows, they offer a challenging yet manageable weight to push your limits.

Step up your game with the 22.5kg dumbbells, ideal for intermediate lifters looking to build muscle and strength. Use them for exercises such as chest presses, lunges, and single-arm rows to target multiple muscle groups and enhance overall performance.

The 25kg dumbbells are a powerhouse for serious lifters seeking maximum strength gains. With this weight, you can tackle compound movements like deadlifts, bench presses, and weighted lunges, pushing your limits and achieving new personal bests.

Finally, the 27.5kg dumbbells are designed for those ready to take their training to the next level. Use them for weighted squats, one arm dumbbell rows, and farmer's walks to build raw strength and power like never before.

What's included


  • Hit Fitness Round Head Rubber Dumbbells come equipped with a highly protective rubber outer coating. This protective outer coating that protects not only the dumbbell itself, but also the dumbbell storage rack and everything in the surrounding lifting environment such as flooring and weight benches.
  • Hit Fitness Round Head Rubber Dumbbells also have a curved black rubber coated end. The curvature of the dumbbells has been designed specifically to protect to dumbbells.
  • All Hit Fitness dumbbells come with ergonomically designed dumbbell handles. Hit Fitness dumbbell handles ensure a comfortable grip and improved exercise movement.
  • Damage that occurs over time from repeated impact is much more noticeable on regular metal dumbbells. However, common damage that occurs to metal dumbbells, such as scratches and dents, are inflicted much less often on rubber dumbbells.
  • HIT Fitness Round Rubber dumbbell utilize noise reduction technology.
  • These Hit Fitness dumbbells also have chrome knurled handles for a secure and comfortable grip.


  • Round Head Rubber Dumbbells
  • Black and white in colour
  • Available in weights 2.5kg-50kg
  • For home gym and commercial gym use
  • Chrome knurled dumbbell handles
  • Round Rubber Coating

Fitness Tip

  • Hit Fitness Round Head Rubber Dumbbells can be used to correct muscle imbalances in which one side of the body is more developed or stronger than the other. For example, bicep curls performed with dumbbells ensures that both biceps are developed equally and one bicep is not compensating for the other which often occurs when using straight barbells in which both arms are not working independently.
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