The McSport Myzone Challenge

Join team McSport on their September Myzone challenge to see who will take the crown (and glory) at the end of the month!

This month we’re going to take you along with us at McSport while we all compete in the Myzone challenge. It’s a rather simple concept. Every month, people from each department compete against each other to see who will get more MEP’s (more about that later). The person to get the most points at the end of the month wins!

To begin we will give you a brief rundown on how Myzone works and the points system.

What is Myzone

Myzone is a belt that is worn around your chest and measures your heart rate while you work out. The benefit of using the Myzone belt for this challenge is that is measures your effort level. Unlike with other competitions, such as the step challenge, the Myzone belt will factor in how high your heart rate goes and give points accordingly. So, no matter your fitness level, you are in with a chance to win. This makes Myzone the perfect challenge that suits everyone.

To find out more about Myzone check out our blog on Everything you need to know about Myzone and the MZ-Switch!

How MEP’s work

MEP stands for Myzone effort points and are broken up into 5 different colours: light grey, dark grey, blue, green, yellow, and red. Each colour represents a different effort level. The highest number of MEP’s you can earn in a minute are 4, and the lowest is 1.

Points breakdown

For this challenge we have excluded the grey zones so it will only register the blue, green, yellow, and red.

You can see yours and your teammates’ workouts to see where you sit on the leaderboard at any time in the month, and not to worry if the month starts and you don’t workout until a week in, you can still catch up without an issue.


Now that you have the gist, we’re ready to start!

The competitors

The competitors for this challenge vary in age and fitness levels. We have hurling players, boxers, runners, walkers, and strength focussed challengers.

Competing this month we have Karl, Gillian, Philip, Katie, Sarah, Daithí, Jade, David H, and Paul. You can catch us on Instagram and TikTok throughout the month, keeping you updated on the challenge — so be sure to check it out!

Week 1– 1st-8th September


Week one kicks off today! All of us are starting off with 0 points and are ready to get this challenge going. Check back in on the 8th to see where we all stand on the leaderboard!

End of Week 1

And that's week one done! It ends with Philip in the lead with 744 points, Karl is second with 454 points. It shouldn't take Karl to long to catch up with Philip.

In third place we have Katie with 184 points and right on her tail is Gillian with 170 points! It will be interesting to see who is in the lead at the end of next week between them.

Jade comes in at 5th with 122 points, while Sarah takes up the rear with 28 points! Not a bad end to the first week. While it looks like Philip may win it, that may not be the case. There is still a high chance that someone else may take the lead by the end of the next week! 

Watch our Vlogs!

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Week 2 – 9th-15th September

We're now into the start of week 2! Week 1 has ended with Philip in the lead but with another 3 weeks to go taking the number one place from him is still doable. Check back in at the end of the week to see where everyone stands on the leaderboard. 

Myzone week 2

End of week 2

And that's week 2 finished! This week we see a slight change in the order. It ends with Philip once again in the lead with 1252 points and Karl right behind him with 929 points. 

Katie has changed her position and is now in 3rd place with Gillian 124 points behind her sitting at 494 by the end of week 2.

Jade and Sarah's points remain the same this week, Jade maintaining her 353 points and Sarah sticking with her 28 points. 

There is still two weeks left of this challenge and while Philip has maintained the lead, throughout the week Karl was able to overtake him. Katie is slowly inching her way up the leaderboard as well with Gillian not far behind. It may seem like a big gap to fill but we're sure the leaderboard will look different by next week. Maybe the 3rd week will end Philip's reign! 

Week 3– 16th- 22nd September

We are now in the start of week 3! Week 2 ended with Philip still in the lead. There is still a chance that someone may overtake him but at the moment it is looking like he may be the favourite to win. You never know though! There might be an outsider that will come in and take the first place title from him. Check back in at the end of the week to see where everyone stands. 

Myzone week 2

End of Week 3

Well, that's the end of week 3 done! Philip is currently way ahead of everyone else with a whopping 1999 points! Karl is coming in second with 1475, but that gap is getting bigger each week. 

Katie is holding strong in 3rd place with 762 points and Gillian right behind her in 4th with 606 points. It looks like they will be competing to see who takes 3rd place for the final week. 

One change was made this week and that was with Sarah! Sarah has moved from 6th place up to 5th and now has 386 points ending week 3, overtaking Jade with 353 points. Well done Sarah! 

Stay tuned to see how the final week goes!

Week 4

Week 4 – 23rd- 30th September

At the beginning of week four we saw Philip in the lead with Karl coming in right behind him!

Katie maintained her 3rd place position with GIllian right behind her and Sarah coming in 5th place. Jade has held strong in last place but that could all change! Let's see how everyone gets on by the end of the last week! 

End Of Week 4

And that's it folks! It's all over and what a surprise turn it was right at the end! Philip is the winner of this months challenge with a whopping 2507 points. Well done Philip!

Karl came in second place with an impressive 2030 points. 

The next position is the most shocking! Jade, who for the past three weeks was coming in last, went hell for leather and got herself 1459 points, putting her in 3rd place! 

Then Gillian snuck a few extra points in on the last day and got 1272 points! 

Katie lost her solid 3rd place positioning and dropped to 5th place! Getting 1238 points.

And Sarah rounded it up with 944 points and coming in 6th place. 


As you can see, using the MyZone belt is completely changeable. By the end of week 3 it was nearly a certainty who was going to come looking at the leaderboard now goes to show that you never know.

We hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as we have and we look forward to seeing more people using the MyZone belt!