Connacht GAA Installation Case Study

With the Connacht GAA final coming up, we know everyone will be watching the nail-biting match between Galway and Mayo. While we wait for that match, we want to show you around the GAA facility we kitted out in late 2020 for Connacht. 

Connacht GAA outside

McSport is a proud Irish company, and it was such a privilege to be asked to install the gym in the Connacht GAA centre of excellence. The gym, which is 180 square meters in size, is the world's largest indoor dome which meant it was a big job. The McSport install team worked their magic, though, and gave a precision finish to this high-performance facility.

To begin with, the install team sat down with Connacht GAA and assessed what type of equipment and flooring they wanted. As they focused on overall fitness, the install team put a package together that featured power racks, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, assault bikes, and rowing machines to name but a few.

Precision Flooring

Rubber flooring

Before the install team assembled the equipment, there was rubber flooring placed within the space. Rubber flooring is the best type of flooring you can use to protect your equipment and facility. The Hit Fitness rubber flooring comes with bounce resistance and stops the sound reverberating if a kettlebell or dumbbell falls. Not only does the rubber flooring stop the noise and bounce, but it adds extra protection to the equipment, meaning your plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells will be less resistant to nicks and chips.

Full Power Racks

full power racks

Once they placed down the floor, the install team got hard at work putting together the full power racks. They customised each power rack with a Connacht GAA sign, and the support bars painted a light blue in the Connacht GAA colours. Each rack comes with a pull-up bar, weight plate storage, and safety arms to ensure that the racks are safe and easy to use for all athletes.

Barbells and Olympic Weight Plates

Competition plates

Each power rack comes with a 7ft black barbell, Olympic weight plates, and weight bench. The barbell set and weight bench are all top end Hit Fitness products, meant for serious athletes looking for some strength and conditioning training. As this is a GAA facility, the trainers and managers know that it takes more than cardio training to become the best and play for your county. The Hit Fitness racks and barbell and weight plate sets will go a long way in making each player match ready every time.

The Hit Fitness weight benches is commercial grade with the ability to incline and decline. They are made to withhold weight of up to 317kg (700lb). The install team put each one together and tested them to ensure that they were ready for the players coming in for their training. Each one was also customised with the light blue Connacht GAA colours on the base.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells


For a more varied workout, the McSport install team installed a dumbbell and kettlebell rack. The dumbbells put in are round rubber and made to withstand long and hard use. They start at 10kg and go all the way up to 30kg. Again, the rubber in the dumbbells has a dual effect as it protects the flooring if dropped but is also resistant to scuffs and nicks that other cast iron dumbbells may be partial to.

The kettlebells are made of cast iron and range from 8kg to 24kg. Each is colour coded to make it easier to switch between different weights. A kettlebell is an excellent tool for combining ballistic style training with cardiovascular, making this perfect for Connacht GAA as the players will get a well-rounded workout.

Full Body Workout Machines

The final pieces added to this state-of-the-art gym were two machines that will give a full-body workout: The Concept 2 rowing machine and the Assault bike. Both are the best choice if you want your players to get a full-body workout. 

Concept 2

The Concept 2 rowing machine is the industry standard rowing machine. Olympic and elite-level athletes use this machine, so you know it will be able to withstand heavy training every day. 

The Hit Fitness Air bike is an assault bike that helps to strengthen your lower body and arms. This machine will push your strength and endurance to the limits, allowing you to set the pace of your workout.

The Concept 2 and the Assault bike were assembled and installed on the premises by our install team. All pieces were tested and ensured that they met the safety standards. While this facility is primarily used for GAA, it is also available for use by international rugby teams as it is a high-performance facility meant for hard use.

This facility is used by some of the best athletes in the country and McSport are proud that we had a part in helping them in their success.

Case Study

We recently did a case study with Connacht GAA. Be sure to check out the YouTube video that bring you around the facility and the work the install team did.

Connacht GAA YouTube