The Olympus Range Buying Guide

Since Hit Fitness came out with their new Olympus range, it was only fitting we bring you through a buying guide on which multi-gym is best for you.

Since Hit Fitness came out with their new Olympus range, it was only fitting we bring you through a buying guide on which multi-gym is best for you. This blog post will bring your through the different multi-gym in this range that you can use in a commercial, semi-commercial, and home gym.

Remember at the end of the day, this is all down to preference and this guide is to here to help you make that decision.

Let’s start with the basics: Why get a multi-gym?

Why get a multi-gym


A Multi-gym is what is it says. It is a home gym station that does it all. Instead of having to buy different products to complete your home gym, buying a multi-gym will give you everything you need. Multi-gyms tend to be quite big though, so you need enough room in your gym to house one. There is the option of a smaller multi-gym that doesn’t have the same number of attachments but just because they are smaller doesn’t mean they lack power.

Having a multi-gym will vary your workout each time so you can focus on different muscles and change it up each day.

Benefits of a multi-gym


There are a lot of different benefits that come with owning a multi-gym. Originally multi-gyms were used by professional bodybuilders but after the public realised how versatile they were and the benefits it offered. Here are a few.

Different Workouts

You’ll never feel as if you’re doing the same workout over and over again with a multi-gym. Choose from a range of attachments and work different muscles groups each session. Choose from weights, chin-us, or use the landmine to get a full body workout.


A big advantage of having a multi-gym at home is that you can workout whenever it suits you. There will be no more waiting for gyms to open or until someone else if finished with them. You can simply go into your home-gym and start burning calories straight away.

Long Lasting

Buying a multi-gym will last you a life time. These sturdy pieces of equipment are made with thick steel and have a coat of anti-rust paint on them, so it won’t cost you on the upkeep of them. Just make sure that you are cleaning it regularly and after each give it a wipe down.

Easy to Use

There’s no need for a trainer or an expert opinion on how to use a multi-gym. All you need to know are the basics and even then, a quick search will show you most of the exercises. You are also able to learn the different workouts at your pace, in the comfort of your home which takes the pressure off when you are learning.

The Olympus Range Multi-Gyms


Now that we have the benefits down and why getting a multi-gym is a good option, let’s look why it is named after the Greek Gods.

How it got its name

Multi-gyms often go by the name monster racks, and while that is an apt name for them, Hit Fitness wanted to go another route with it. Instead of making it something to overcome, having it named after the Greek Gods, gives you the motivation to train as hard as possible.

It is now onto the main show. The different multi-gyms in this series!

The Ares Multi-Gym

Ares multi-gym

The first one in the range is the Ares multi-gym. Named after one of the Greek God’s of war, this multi-gym will be sure to test you. It’s quite large, coming in at 232cm tall, 210 cm width, and 175cm in depth, so you will need enough space in your home gym to fit the Ares multi-gym.

The Ares multi-gym suits all settings, be it commercial, semi-commercial or home use. With a 180kg load weight and 15 different attachments you’ll never be bored with the Ares multi-gym.

The Athena Multi-Gym

Athena multi-gym

Sister of Ares, Athena is the second God of War, she is no less mighty than Ares. At first glance you would think they are the same product but there is one slight difference (besides the price difference), and that is that the Athena multi-gym doesn’t come with a weight set on each side.

Other than that, you still get your six bar attachments, along with a landmine, J cup, triceps rope, chain, and a locker. So, like the Ares multi-gym, you will never be bored as there are the 15 attachments to choose from and just like its brother this multi-gym can be used in a commercial, semi-commercial or home use.

The Pegasus Multi-Gym

Pegasus multi-gym

Pegasus, the fiercest winged war horse, is smaller than the other two multi-gyms in this range but it is mighty. This multi-gym is perfect for those that don’t have as much space but still want a varied workout. The Pegasus multi-gym comes with a wide range of attachments so that you never miss leg or arm day again.

This option is best if you are looking for full-body workout but don’t have the room for one of the larger multi-gyms.

Final Thoughts

Each of these multi-gyms bring something unique to the table and are all a benefit to a home gym. Which one you buy depends on your needs, but one thing is for sure, you’ll always get an amazing workout using one of the Olympus range multi-gyms.