Thinking of getting into Olympic handball? Excellent choice! Playing handball is a great way of getting your body fit and keeping it healthy by means of a fast-paced exercise regime. Aside from being a fun, sociable activity that requires the bare minimum of equipment, handball also has the potential to improve your levels of agility, flexibility, as well as your overall cardiovascular health.

In the rapid-flowing game of handball the basic aim is to throw the ball into your opponent’s goal as frequently as possible during two thirty-minute stretches. Players work together by passing and dribbling the ball up the court to score a goal. Since the game is very fast-paced a great number of shots are taken and a score of more than twenty points to a side is not an uncommon occurrence.

Although men’s handball already debuted at the 1936 Games that was hosted in Berlin, the indoor game was first introduced in Munich in 1972; while women’s handball first made its appearance at the Olympics hosted by Montreal in 1976.

The main skills required to be a successful handball participant include strength, speed and agility. The sport has been compared to a cross between soccer and basketball even though participants (apart from the goalkeeper on either side) are not allowed to kick the ball or manoeuvre it with their feet in any way. The health and fitness benefits of participating in handball are numerous and include:

  • Defined arm muscles and increased upper body strength.
  • Increased agility of the hands and feet, as well as improve hand-eye coordination.
  • More acute mental focus and improved self-confidence.
  • All the benefits associated with a cardiovascular workout that feeds oxygen to the muscles by means of the blood stream.
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    ** Please note that handball as referred to here is normally termed ‘Olympic Handball’ in order to distinguish it from the informal game that involves hitting a small ball by hand in a walled court.**

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