5 Circuit Training Exercises to Up Your Home Workout

Are you looking to upgrade your home or garage workout? These circuit training essentials can offer you both functionality and versatility, making them the perfect addition!

McSport has highlighted 5 exercises you can use in your circuit for a great home workout.

Step up and box jump

Using a Plyometric Box, step up on to the box with one leg, then step back down. Repeat this with the other leg. Finish this movement with a jump by standing in front of the box, jumping onto the box, and landing with both feet on top. Repeat the full exercise.

Overhead slam

Use a Slam Ball (any weight of your choosing) for this exercise. Raise it above your head while holding it with both hands. Then slam the ball down on the ground. Pick up and repeat for a set amount of times.

Kettlebell swing

For this exercise, use a Kettlebell (any weight of your choosing). Grab the kettlebell with both hands. Push your hips back and slightly bend your knees to bring the kettlebell between your legs. Push your hips forward to lift your body into a standing position allowing your arms to swing the kettlebell. Repeat the motion.

Push up into a row

Use Hex Dumbbells or any anti-roll Dumbbells. Position yourself in a push up position gripping the dumbbells. Perform a push up. After the push up, raise one arm holding the dumbbell in a row motion. Perform another push up and raise the other arm in a row motion. Repeat.

Wall Balls 

Use an Oversized Medicine Ball (or standard medicine ball). Begin with a squat with the ball at your chest. Stand up quickly, pressing the ball up and overhead. Throw it upward and slightly out away from the body. Catch the ball. Repeat the full exercise.

Get ready to sweat! With these circuit training exercises, you will up your home workout!