Proform Carbon Smith Rack

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Full gym experience at home

The ProForm Carbon Smith Rack Machine brings the full gym experience to your home. This all-in-one rack can help you perform an immense range of workouts to effectively build full-body strength.

With this rack, you can target all of your body's muscle groups, including hard-to-reach muscles, from the convenience of your home. Grow your legs fast with the integrated leg developer and pump up your biceps in no time with the curl bar.

With only the best experience and your safety in mind, the ProForm Carbon Smith Rack features an intuitively engageable progressive bar that can hold any weights you can’t lift or set down. Get into shape without having to pay an annual gym fee! This is a once in your lifetime investment that will help you get better health and muscles, without constantly breaking your bank.

Integrated Smith Bar

Perform virtualy any barbell exercise with this Smith Rack, like the Squat, Chest Press, Overhead Extension, etc.

Progressive Load

Easily allows you to add weight plates and increase the load as your strength increases.

Low Pulley with Row Plate

Perfect to execute Seated Cable Rows, which is a back exercise that is great for the Lats.

Rolled Preacher Pad

Perform the tried-and-tested Biceps Preacher Curls with the padded Preacher Curl station.

Product information


  • A comprehensive array of workout stations
  • The Carbon Smith Rack can be used to supplement or replace your annually-renewed gym membership
  • Train your quads, hip flexors, and hamstrings with an integrated leg developer and isolate your biceps for an incredible workout that burns calories and sculpts muscle with a preacher curl pad
  • Engineered to offer a safe alternative to free weight training for solo weightlifters, and an integrated smith barbell features progressive bar holds that can be easily engaged if a lift becomes too difficult.

What's included

  • Integrated Smith Bar with Linear Bearings
  • Low Pulley with Row Plate
  • Bult-in Chest Fly Machine
  • Adjustable Height J-Hooks
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station
  • Integrated Hand & Ankle Straps, Curl Yoke, Lat Bar
  • Integrated Weight Storage
  • Integrated Utility Bench
  • Flat, Incline, Decline, Military Bench Positions
  • Padded Leg Developer
  • Rolled Preacher Pad


  • Dimensions: 209 W x 213 H x 275 L (cm)

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