Tuftex Sorbo Balls | Pack of 12 Image McSport Ireland

Active Kids

Activity toys are a great way to encourage children to take part in outdoor activities. As our society veers evermore towards a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes increasingly important to introduce children activities that will get our children up and about, incorporating much-needed exercise in their daily routine. 

There are many benefits, both mental and physical, to daily exercise. These include:

  • Improved physical condition: Regular participation in physical activities leads to increased strength, endurance and coordination. Playing outside is particularly important for babies, toddlers and preschoolers because it forms part of many developmental processes. Young children learn by means of sensory-motor stimulation and playing outside gives them the opportunity to practice and expand their basic physical skills.
  • Improved mood and reduced stress: In today’s fast-paced world even children are susceptible to stress. When you are engaged in physical exercise, your body releases neurotransmitters called endorphins, which reduce pain, relieve stress and give you a sense of general well-being. Further mood enhancing neurotransmitters released during exercise include serotonin and norepinephrine, both of which alleviate depression.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight: Childhood obesity is increasingly prevalent, especially in first world countries where food is plentiful. Daily moderate exercise ensures that children maintain a healthy weight, which is crucial in reducing their risk of contracting illnesses. A slimmer frame also reduces pressure on developing bones and joints.
  • A strong heart and lungs: Regular physical activity helps to develop lung capacity, which is directly linked to your body’s ability to utilise oxygen. The more efficient your heart and lungs, the easier blood travels through your body to your vital organs and the higher your energy levels.
  • These are just some of the benefits associated with daily physical activity. Why not invest in some kids’ sports equipment and encourage your youngsters to get outside? The fun activities for kids are endless - just have a look at our range of exciting sporting equipment and you will see how many ways there are of having fun outside. We stock everything from kits and juggling rings, to hula hoops and three-legged race ties, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries with regard to activity toys or schools’ fitness equipment.

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    Hit Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells | 25Kg Pair

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for home gyms, they are compact, easy to use and the weight of your dumbbell can be changed within seconds. Adjustable dumbbells have multiple weight ranges, meaning you can perform anything from basic body workouts to core fitness exercises, strength exercises, as well as heavy leg lifts.

    Adjustable dumbbells are quiet during use, and can be adjusted by turning the dial. This can replace dozens of separate dumbbell sets and save you money. Perfect way to own weights and not take up too much space.

    The Hit Fitness range of Adjustable Dumbbells are exclusive to McSport and are being enjoyed in home gyms country wide.

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    Align Pilates H1 Home Reformer (Stand Up) - Pilates Reformer

    Align Pilates

    Align Pilates equipment from McSport. For Pilates professionals, Studio and Health Clubs Align-Pilates’ offers commercial grade, innovative Pilates equipment that offers a fantastic user experience. Browse these products on McSport today.

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    All Sport Instant Cold Pack Image McSport Ireland

    AllSport Medical

    Allsport Medical is a Sports First Aid supplier, providing cost effective sports first aid solutions. Fine Allsport Medical products at McSport today.

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    AquaSphere is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyday swimmers who enjoy swimming at a variety of levels. AquaSphere provides you with products that supply fun, fitness, stress relief and more.

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    Aresson Rounders Post and Base Set Image McSport Ireland


    All Aresson equipment offers rounders equipment to educational establishments, clubs and recreational players. Find Aresson at McSport today.

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    Athletics Equipment

    Athletics Equipment

    Proper athletics equipment is of vital importance for any athlete who takes their sport seriously. That is why the team at McSport Fitness and Sports Retailers has done all the legwork, sourcing the very best track and field equipment available on the market today.

    Today’s athletics have benefited greatly from technological developments, and indeed stands alone as a sport in its own right. stocks a range of quality track and field equipment that includes:

    • Training Accessories: Stopwatches, personal challenge score cards, megaphones, foam modules, clipboards, measuring wheels, step count pedometers, safety mattresses, balance beams and instructional DVDs.
    • Training Gear: Vests, pacer shorts and footwear, to name but a few. Well-fitted training gear is vital if you are to reach your potential as an athlete. Footwear is especially important; shoes need to fit well and provide ample cushioning.
    • Track and Field Equipment: Tumbling mats, long jump mats, discus, relay batons, starting blocks, alloy hurdles, hammer packs and javelins.

    These are just some of the quality athletics apparel and accessories we currently have in stock at our online store. Please do not he

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    Atreq Spacemarkers (Assorted Colours) | 25 Pack Image McSport Ireland


    Atreq provide products that have been developed with qualities like speed, agility and power. These are crucial for peak performance. Atreq wants athletes to achieve the highest levels of performance through the use of Atreq products.

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    BackBaller Double Foam Roller Image McSport Ireland


    BackBaller provides you with a product that brings superior control and stablity to Self Myofascial Release. These mounted rollers are used by professionals as well as beginners.

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    Baden Zone Rubber Coloured Basketballs (Purple) | Size 6 Image McSport Ireland


    Baden's goal is to give customers an authentic experience when using their products. Baden Provides you with a variety of sporting equipment for multiple different types of sports. Find Baden at McSport today.

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    Carlton GT-4 Feather Shuttlecocks Image McSport Ireland


    Badminton is fast becoming one of the most popular participant sports in Ireland and the demand for quality badminton equipment has increased accordingly. It appeals equally to both sexes and can be enjoyed by young and old in equal measures. The finals day for the Irish schools' badminton competition in March of each year is attended by over 300 competing youngsters, which attests to the sport’s rapidly growing popularity. That is why the team at McSport has gone to great lengths to source and stock only the very best badminton supplies and sports equipment.

    Our superior range of badminton equipment includes:

  • Racquets: Having the right badminton racket is vital for success in the game. Choose the racquet that best suits your requirements from our comprehensive range of adult- and junior equipment. Opt for the Victor AL 2200, a durable and lightweight badminton racket strung with top quality Ashway Rally 21, or the Sportline Warrior 5.8. We also stock Carlton and Isoforce products and a range of BISI rackets that are highly suitable for the younger player.
  • Grips: The correct badminton grip can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Ensure that the grip surface of your racket is comfortable and secure with the Victor Hyper Grip or go all out and invest in the PU Duo Super Grip that includes grip tape in assorted colours and comes in a handy display case.
  • Shuttlecocks/badminton birdies: The essential difference between badminton and any other racquet sport has to be the feathered projectile that is used in the place of a regular ball. Most players prefer the traditional feathered variety that boasts genuine goose feathers, but since recreational players find it more affordable to play with synthetic birdies we have stocked these as well. 
  • Badminton sets: Just getting into the game or keen to update your existing badminton equipment?Then our comprehensive badminton sets are the perfect solution. The Victor Starter School Set is great for school teams and comes complete with ten badminton racquets, two tubes of medium speed nylon shuttlecocks, a racket bag, a brochure, as well as rule- and technique posters for reference purposes.
  • Other badminton supplies: We also carry a comprehensive range of badminton posts & nets, scoreboards, score books and more.
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    A Barbell is a common type of fitness equipment that is used in all forms of resistance training including bodybuilding and power lifting. Used with Weight Plates the barbell will help you reach your training goals whether you intend to build muscle or tone up!  Use with a Weight Bench and a Power Rack to perform a wide variety of exercises like bench press, squats, dead lifts, and more.  We offer standard barbells for non-advanced weightlifters or for use in a studio environment. For intermediate or advanced weightlifters we recommend our Olympic barbells which are thicker in diameter and can hold much more weight. We stock barbells standalone but also offer a selection of barbell kits that come with weight plates up to 145kg in weight. 

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    Basketball Hoops & Backboard

    Basketball Hoops & Backboard

    Find the Basketball Hoop that suits your needs. Shop for the perfect kids basketball hoop, or browse our wide range of portable and wall mounted hoops and backboards.

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    Riley 6ft Folding Pool Table with Table Tennis Top | Blue | McSport Ireland


    BCE provide customers with high quality pool tables. Find them at McSport today.

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    Beemat Foldable Balance Beam & Mat | Pink & Blue (Value Pack) Image McSport Ireland


    Beemat provide customers with mats for many types of sports. Beemat have been known to provide for sports like gymnastics, where they can provide safety to athletes when training. Browse their collection at McSport today.

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    Benches and Racks

    Benches and Racks

    Weight Benches and Power Racks are vital pieces of equipment for trainers who are commited to acheiving their strength and conditioning goals.

    Coupled with a Barbell and Weight Plates, a number of exercises can be acheived including bench press, squats, deadlifts, overhead press and lunges. We have benches and rack appropriate for home and commerical use. Click here to check out our Hit Fitness Home Weight Bench and here for our Standard Power Rack for great quality and value.

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    Bh Fitness R350 Vario Rowing Machine

    BH Fitness

    BH Fitness is a company with worldwide presence that provide customers with fitness machines for professionals as well as beginners. BH Fitness provide fitness equipment like rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills and more. Browse their products at McSport today.

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    Bownet provide portable sports nets, goals and more. Bownet sports nets and goals are specially engineered with the greatest technology. Shop Bownet today with McSport.

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    High-quality boxing equipment including boxing gloves, headgear and punch bags. Keep in shape with boxing equipment from Hit Boxing, Exigo & Lonsdale. Grab your boxing accessories, including mouth guards so your ready to fight as well as train for high performance.

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    Butterfly 9ft Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table | Blue Image McSport Ireland


    Butterfly produces high performance table tennis equipment in order to satisfy the requirements of all players. Both professionals and beginners can use these products. Shop Butterfly today at McSport.

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    Cardio Equipment

    Cardio Equipment

    Cardiovascular training has a wide range of benefits from helping you to burn calories, to increasing your heart and lung capacity all while reducing stress and improving your sleep, which all contributes to making you feel amazing!

    We have a wide range of cardio equipment that will elevate your heart rate to the point it needs to be in order to reach your fitness goals. Deciding on your goals and the type of exercise you enjoy will help you pick the piece of equipment that’s right for you. Whether it’s for home use or commercial use you'll find something from our treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and cross trainers ranges that works for you. We only stock tried and tested brands which provide the best features from Nordictrack, Sole Fitness, Hit Fitness & BH Fitness. Pick something you feel you’ll enjoy and see yourself doing at least twice a week. It doesn’t matter what as long as it’s getting that heart rate up!
    We offer FREE iFit Membership with a selection of Proform and NordicTrack cardio pieces.

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    Carlton C100 White Medium Speed Shuttlecocks Image McSport Ireland


    Carlton provide customers with trusted badminton sporting equipment that scientifically delivers improvement to your play. Browse Carlton products today at McSport.

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    Cartwright Fitness Anatomical Tape Measure Image McSport Ireland

    Cartwright Fitness

    Cartwright Fitness are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest health tracking and measuring equipment. Cartwright Fitness have made tracking fitness and health easy and accurate. Shop Cartwright fitness today at McSport.

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    Centurion Rugby Tackle Bags | Junior | (Blue) Image McSport Ireland


    Centurion specialises in manufacturing and distributing rugby and spots equipment for players of all ages and abilities. Shop Centurion today at McSport.

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    Coma Sports Elementary Springboard | McSport Ireland

    Coma Sports

    Coma Sports provides clients with equipment for gymnastics sports. Coma Sports have products like Vaulting Boxes, Springboards and much more. Coma Sports at McSports today.

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    Olympic Cast Iron Tri-Grip Disc | 2.5kg Image McSport Ireland

    Coming Soon

    Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas or a great bargain? Don't miss out on these great products that we'll have back in stock very soon.  For a summary check out our Estimated Arrival Date page here . To be notified when a product is back in stock, just click on the product and enter your email address.

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    Commercial Gym Equipment

    Commercial Gym Equipment

    We at McSport are Ireland's Premier Supplier of Home & Commercial Gym Equipment.

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    Concept2 have been making world class rowing products since 1976. Concept2 have products that will help you get fit, stay fit, win your race or train for a primary sport. Find Concept2 at McSport today.

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    Cones and Markers

    Cones and Markers

    Cones and Markers are an essential part of any team training. With a wide variety of colours, these multipurpose cones and markers are a great addition to any clubhouse. Great for speed and agility training, all the cones and markers sold at McSport come in bright colours to make them stand out on any pitch or court.

    The options are endless with our range of cones and markers. Use them as hurdles, frisbees for hand-eye coordination drills, speed drills to increase agility, or even weaving exercises to improve your teams’ response times— the only limit is your imagination!

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    Hit Fitness E60 Wall Mounted Rack Image McSport Ireland


    Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, High-Intensity & Functional Training Range.

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    Cumas provide customers with top of the range sporting equipemtn for hurling. On McSport, we have sliotars, balls and more. Find Cumas on McSport today.

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    Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard Image McSport Ireland


    No office recreation room, pub or home bar area is complete without a dart board and darts accessories. Darts is a game that can be enjoyed by a very wide demographic and also has the advantage of taking up a minimum of space (as apposed to a snooker table or table tennis table), which accounts for its worldwide popularity as both a sport and pastime.

    Playing darts is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is a superb stress reliever: Modern day living is fraught with stressors, from work to family worries and everything in between. In order to manage this stress it is important to have an outlet, whether at home or at work. Darts offers a great way to take a break from your daily routine and provides a healthy competitive atmosphere for co-workers and family members to challenge each other in a structured environment.
  • It is a great team building platform: The ability to develop social and competitive relationships in the workplace is a necessary skill for any employee who takes their job seriously. Therefore, employers should take the time to create a social platform for their workforce to develop these skills. Although darts is not the only game that may be used to achieve this, it is a relatively inexpensive option that can be enjoyed onsite and with the minimum of fuss.
  • As a team-building exercise a game of darts can be used to address, amongst other things:

  • Decision making skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Objectivity
  • Inter-group contact and management skills
  • Strategising
  • Objective critical self analysis
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Furthermore, darts has been shown to positively influence concentration ability and spatial awareness, self-esteem, as well as improving general math skills! What more do you need to know?

    Now you can buy darts and other dart equipment directly from McSport. We have done the legwork for you in sourcing only the very best darts accessories. All you have to do is browse, click, select and purchase!

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    Drakes Pride

    Drakes Pride supply bowls equipment for players professional as well as beginner stage. Find them on McSport today.

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    Dumbbells are free weights that can be used individually or in pairs for strength training to help you build overall muscular strength, and can be used for a huge range of exercises to target different muscle groups. Dumbbells are the perfect addition to your home gym.

    SALE! Check out this amazing list of dumbbells for sale we prepared for you. Shop all Dumbbells for Sale.

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    Jordan Fitness Chrome Dumbbells 18Kg

    Dumbbells for Sale

    Dumbbells are a great addition to any commercial or home gym and McSport has an amazing selection of cheap dumbbells for sale in Ireland.

    Dumbbells are one of the most versatile types of free weights and the correct dumbbell set is a guaranteed way to give any workout a boost.

    This popular gym equipment will allow you to exercise any muscle group. For instance, you can incorporate the dumbbell row into your back exercises. The dumbbell press is a good choice for overall muscle growth in the chest and shoulder areas.

    Check out this amazing list of dumbbells for sale we prepared for you. And if the product you're looking for is not here, make sure to have a look at our other collections:

    Hex Dumbbells

    Hex Dumbbells have a unique hexagonal shape that provides an anti-roll effect, ensuring that dumbbells stay in place and do not roll around on the gym floor.

    Shop all Hex Dumbbells »

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to have multiple dumbbells of varying weights merged into one. Essential for those who want a wide range of dumbbells but lack the storage space.

    Shop all Adjustable Dumbbells »


    5kg Dumbbells

    5kg Dumbbells in different formats and materials.

    Shop all 5kg Dumbbells »

    10kg Dumbbell

    10kg Dumbbell in different formats and materials.

    Shop all 10kg Dumbbells »


    Dumbbell Rack

    Find a heavy-duty dumbbell rack or stand for all of your storage needs.

    Shop all Dumbbell Racks »


    Shop all Dumbbells »

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    Dunlop Nitro 25 Junior Tennis Racket


    Dunlop are passionate about having beautifully designed, technically sophisticated sports products. They provide equipment for tennis, squash, padel and badminton, but are known especially for tennis. They provide for professionals as well as beginners all over the world. Find Dunlop products on McSport today.

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    Elliptical Cross Trainers

    Elliptical Cross Trainers

    Cross Trainers are a great way of getting a cardiovascular workout in while minimising stress on your ankles, hips and knees.

    The elliptical/cross trainer machines are versatile as they offer the user a Cardio and a Strength workout all in one. This total body workout is ideal for those looking to improve their aerobic health while also targeting key muscle groups. Cross Trainers are now almost as common place as Treadmills and for good reason!

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    Eurohoc provide hockey sporting equipment for beginners as well as professionals. They provide products like hockey pucks, hockey balls, lacrosse sets and much more. Find them on McSport today.

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    Eveque Turbo Javelin (300g) Image McSport Ireland


    Eveque supply educationl sports equipment that provide learning and safety to customers. Find us on McSport today.

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    Exercise Bikes

    Exercise Bikes

    Exercise Bikes provide the perfect way to strengthen your lower body and your core.

    They are easy to use due to their design and require little coordination so they are ideal for users of all levels. Our fitness bikes allow you to perform high intensity workouts in the comfort of your own home. If you're looking to hit high-intensity interval training goals then our upright indoor bikes are for you. Check out our Hit Fitness Cyling range which provide high performance consoles enabling you to build your own workouts based on calories burned, distance travelled and length of time training. Our recumbent bikes offer great workouts especially to elderly people or those recovering from injury. For more cardio exercise options browse our Treadmills, Crosstrainer, and Rowing Machine ranges.

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    HIT FITNESS G6 Indoor Cycling Bike | Black

    Exercise Bikes Under €600

    The best Exercise Bikes under €600 for your home gym.

    Including a physical activity in our daily lives is essential to ensure better health and a better quality of life. However, busy routines with work, household chores, studies, among others, end up making it difficult to fulfil this need of the body and mind.

    An effective way to improve your physical fitness and have fun at the same time is Cycling. In addition to helping with weight loss, reducing calories with each movement, Cycling also contributes to muscle definition and strength.

    For those who don't have time to go to the gym or an appropriate location, such as a cycle path for example, the exercise bike can be a very efficient fitness equipment.

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    Hit Boxing Light Weight Punch Bag | 4ft Image McSport Ireland


    Exigo supply boxing equipment for events and athletes in the sport. Shop Exigo now on McSport.

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    Hit Fitness E60 Quarter Rack Image McSport Ireland

    Extreme Intensity

    Olympic Lifting, High-Intensity & Functional Training Range.

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    Hit Sport 10ft Adjustable Basketball Unit | Series 2 Image McSport Ireland

    Family - Kids Activities and Fun Sports

    We prepared an amazing collection of products for families who are looking for activities and things to do with kids and keep them entertained. If you're looking for outdoor or indoor kids activities, we got you.

    Here are some of the highlights from this collection:

    Pool Tables

    Pool games and snooker date back to the 19th century and now - besides being professional sports - are activities so popular that they have dedicated venues and are a favorite in a lot of pubs. And they're great for families because they allow for multiple people to play at the same time.

    Table Tennis Tables

    Table tennis was also a pastime that grew into an Olympic Sport. It's one of most popular and affordable options for those who want an exciting pastime in the comfort of their own homes.


    Gymnastics Mats

    Multi use mats that allow you to train your favorite sports with comfort and safety. Suggested uses include Gymnastics, Martial Arts or simply Physical Exercises. Our high-quality mat selection has the most durable and storage-friendly products in the market.

    Boxing Bags & Gloves

    Even those who don't formally train boxing in a gym can benefit from an amazing form of workout with our high-quality boxing equipment that includes boxing gloves and punch bags.


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    First-Play Beanbags Set Set Of 4 Image McSport Ireland


    First-Play represents the very best in quality and safe education products for pre-school and primary level students. First-Play equipment caters for learning activities and helps develop classroom skills. Shop First-Play today at McSport.

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    Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment

    McSport is Ireland’s largest specialist sports retailer and we are proud to announce that we have one of the widest ranges of fitness equipment in the country. For over 25 years, we have supplied fitness enthusiasts with specialised yoga, Pilates, boxing, fitness equipment and much more.

    Due to increased public demand, we now supply popular brands such as Reebok Home and Reebok Commercial Fitness, York Fitness, Fitness Mad and Adidas Boxing. We also carry a great selection of ladies’ fitness equipment and other related accessories. For those who wish to tone and tighten, McSport sells weight training and lifting equipment to suit any strength level. Our products are of the highest quality and McSport regularly supplies gyms, clubs and leisure centres with a vast range of commercial exercise equipment

    Since launching our new online shop, namely, our most popular selling products within the main fitness categories include:

    • Boxing (hook and jab pads, mitts, gloves and punch bags)
    • Yoga and Pilates (mats and mat bags, Pilates rings and resistance bands)
    • Fitness testing (weighing scales, pedometers, heart rate monitors and body fat analysis tools)
    • Weight training (weight sets, benches, power bags, dumbbells and barbells)
    • Exercise machines (exercise bikes, rowers and treadmills)
    • Medicine Balls
    • Kettle bells
    • Multigyms

    The Irish fitness market has grown rapidly and continues to evolve based on consumer demands. Public awareness to fitness has never been more prevalent than it is today. In our fast-paced lives, it is often difficult to find the time to exercise during the day, but with home-based gym equipment solutions, anyone can now tone up and improve their confidence, image and health situation. Let McSport take your fitness goals to unprecedented heights with our wide range of quality home fitness equipment.

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    Fitness Mad 1.3m Resistance Tubes with Handles Only Image McSport Ireland

    Fitness Mad

    Fitness Mad's equipment is the choice of many leading gyms. Home as well as Professional use, Fitness Mad has equipment for both. Find Fitness Mad on McSport.

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    FLEXVIT Mini | Prehab Medium Image McSport Ireland


    Flexvit supply exercise bands in a range of colours to provide you with a handy way of exercising. These bands are strong, light and flexible for any type of training. Shop Flexvit on McSport.

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    Fox 40 Sport Kit (6906-1200) Image McSport Ireland

    Fox 40

    Fox 40 provide customers with top of the range whistles for customers in the sporting world. Shop Fox 40 today at McSport.

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    Hurley Master Hurling Rebounder Image McSport Ireland


    GAA is the Gaelic Athletic Association. GAA is Irelands largest sporting organisation. You can find products from GAA on McSport.

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    Riley 4ft Azteca Folding Football Table Image McSport Ireland

    Games Room Gift Guide

    Shop for Games Room gifts at McSport. Find the perfect edition for anyones games room by browsing through our ranges of Table Tennis, Pool, Foosball, & Darts.

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    Hit Sport Outdoor Table Tennis Table Image McSport Ireland

    Games Tables

    Snooker is fast becoming a growing leisure sport amongst both young and old. This exciting table sport is not only being played at pubs and bars but in homes across the world. Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a large table with pockets in each of the four corners, and one in each of the middle long side cushions. The game is played using a cue, one white cue ball, 15 red balls, and six balls of different colours: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. One of the advantages of having your own snooker table at home is that you and your friends can play anytime you want.

    Some of the benefits of playing snooker include:

    • It is a great way to mingle with friends and family in the comfort of your home.
    • It encourages cheerful competition between members of both sexes.
    • The game increases your brain capacity, since it requires 89% mental acuity and 11% skill.
    • Playing snooker increases your hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration.

    Snooker was believed to have been invented in India, but it is popular in English speaking countries and it has become a mainstream sport in UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries. There has been a steady growth of interest in game in Asian countries too.

    The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent by potting object balls in a predefined order. The magic of this game is that both children and adults can play and learn to become masterful with patience and practise.

    Did you know that the word snooker is actually slang for first-year cadets or inexperienced personnel (snookers). It seems that this sport hooked 18.5 million people in 1985, when Dennis Taylor played and beat Steve Davis after a momentous battle; Taylor won the game when he finally potted the last possible ball at midnight.

    McSport has sourced the most outstanding table for customers and it is well worth viewing. If you are looking for a fun brain twitching activity, a snooker table for sale is what you need.

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    HIT FITNESS Suspension Trainer Image McSport Ireland

    Gifts for Her

    Shop Gifts for Her at McSport. You're sure to find the perfect gift for her by browsing our wide range of Fitness Equipment, Cardio Machines, & Yoga Equipment.

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    Hit Fitness Long Foam Roller Image McSport Ireland

    Gifts for Him

    Shop Gifts for Men at McSport. You're sure to find the right gift for him through our wide range of Cardio Machines, Weight Lifting Equipment, Sports Equipment and Games Tables.

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    Precision Training Pro Rebounder Image McSport Ireland

    Gifts for Kids

    Shop for Gifts for Kids at McSport. Find the perfect gift for any sports mad kids by browsing our range of kid friendly Sports Equipment & Games Tables.

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    Hit Sport 10ft Adjustable Basketball Unit | Series 2 Image McSport Ireland

    Gifts for Teens

    Shop for Gifts for Teens at McSport. Find the perfect gift for any fitness or sports mad teenager by browsing our ranges of Games Tables, Fitness Equipment, & Sports Equipment.

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    Gilbert G-TR4000  Rugby Ball Pack (Size 5) Image McSport Ireland


    Gilbert is a world known rugby ball brand that supplies rugby balls to athletes. McSport have a range of Gilbert rugby balls. Shop Gilbert today on McSport.

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    Hit Fitness 5kg Semi-Commercial Coloured Rubber Bumper Plate Image McSport Ireland

    Gym Equipment

    Top-quality gym equipment from Ireland's best brands.

    Check out this amazing list of gym equipment we prepared for you. And if the product you're looking for is not here, make sure to have a look at some other popular collections:


    Treadmills provide many benefits to your workout no matter your fitness goals.

    Shop all Treadmills »


    A vast selection of Dumbbells in different formats and materials.

    Shop all Dumbbells »


    Elliptical & Cross Trainers

    Elliptical and Cross Trainer machines provide a great cardio and strength workout with minimum stress on joints.

    Shop all Elliptical & Cross Trainers »


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    Gym Flooring

    Gym Flooring

    Take your gym to the next level by adding high quality rubber gym flooring from Hit Fitness. This non-slip rubber flooring is perfect for home gyms, garage gyms & commercial gyms. 

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    Gymnastic Mats

    Gymnastic Mats

    Gymnastics mats may be the last thing on your mind while you are busy training for tumbling, martial arts, aerobics or calisthenics, but the truth of the matter is that a good gym mat is an indispensable training aid that should not be ignored. It is very easy to assume that all gym floor mats have been created equal and that one is pretty much like the other, but there can actually be a world of difference.

    Here is what you should look for when you purchase a gymnastics mat:

    • High impact foam.Sports mats with high impact foam generally have better water-, bacteria- and mildew resistance, which is great if your mats spend a large amount of time in storage.
    • Thickness. Aerobic mats should be selected in terms of size and thickness. Determine beforehand which thickness you require and check with the store if they have it in stock.
    • Usage. Will the mat be used for general exercise and training or is it meant for landing events? In the case of the latter you will have to think about splurging for thicker foam that offers additional protection.
    • Double up. Do you exercise both at home and at the gym? Worried about the germs that that thrive in hot, sweaty environments? Why not invest in a personal exercise mat that you can roll up and take with you? This way you will never have to worry whether or not the person before you has taken the time to wipe down the mat.
    • Manageability. Mats at the larger end of the spectrum can be quite heavy and cumbersome to handle. Look for mats with carrying handles, zippers and mesh breather bars on the sides. If you have limited storage space you may also consider hook and loop fasteners which will enable you to hang it on the wall when not in use.

    Investing in gym mats for a home gym or school PT area can be quite a big expenditure, which is why you have to be sure to make the right decisions the first time around. If you feel at all unsure as to which product will best suit your particular needs and requirements, we recommend that you consult one of our friendly in-store sales assistants who will be able to help you select the perfect piece of fitness equipment.

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    Looking for a fun way to get fit and master your body at the same time? Invest in some gymnastics equipment and let the fun begin! Although gymnastics is a very serious and competitive sport it can be enjoyed at home, at school or in the gym as an entertaining alternative to conventional aerobic exercise, as well as flexibility and strength training.

    Participating in gymnastics has a multitude of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits, which include:


  • A marked increase in muscle strength, as well as improved flexibility and endurance.
  • An improved ability to relax. Relaxation is often seen as the absence of stress, but in reality the human body, with some training, is able to shut itself to any external stressors that may still be present and induce a state of relaxation.
  • Improved body alignment when walking, standing and participating in physical activities. The benefits of correct body alignment are multiple and include greater awareness of your body’s aches and pains, improved posture, as well as resistance to sprains and other muscular injuries.
  • Greater knowledge of how to protect your body from injury, which includes falling and rolling safely.
  • Overall increase in agility and coordination.
  • Cognitive:

  • Improved awareness of the body, its components and ailments.
  • Greater spatial awareness.
  • Greater awareness of the relationship of different body parts to one another, as well as the relationship between the body and gymnastic accessories and apparatus.
  • Psychological:

  • The inherent joy of movement mastery.
  • Improved discipline and self control.
  • Improved self image and a positive attitude.
  • Furthermore, gymnastics can be enjoyed by a wide demographic, including children and the elderly. You can join a class, get a book or an instructional DVD or simply learn the fundamentals from a friend and go from there. Whichever way you choose to enjoy gymnastics you are sure to reap the benefits. Here at McSport, we have done the legwork for you in sourcing only the very best gymnastics mats, benches, bridges, wedges and more. All you have to do is browse, select and purchase!

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    First-Play Zoftskin Handball Image McSport Ireland


    Thinking of getting into Olympic handball? Excellent choice! Playing handball is a great way of getting your body fit and keeping it healthy by means of a fast-paced exercise regime. Aside from being a fun, sociable activity that requires the bare minimum of equipment, handball also has the potential to improve your levels of agility, flexibility, as well as your overall cardiovascular health.

    In the rapid-flowing game of handball the basic aim is to throw the ball into your opponent’s goal as frequently as possible during two thirty-minute stretches. Players work together by passing and dribbling the ball up the court to score a goal. Since the game is very fast-paced a great number of shots are taken and a score of more than twenty points to a side is not an uncommon occurrence.

    Although men’s handball already debuted at the 1936 Games that was hosted in Berlin, the indoor game was first introduced in Munich in 1972; while women’s handball first made its appearance at the Olympics hosted by Montreal in 1976.

    The main skills required to be a successful handball participant include strength, speed and agility. The sport has been compared to a cross between soccer and basketball even though participants (apart from the goalkeeper on either side) are not allowed to kick the ball or manoeuvre it with their feet in any way. The health and fitness benefits of participating in handball are numerous and include:

  • Defined arm muscles and increased upper body strength.
  • Increased agility of the hands and feet, as well as improve hand-eye coordination.
  • More acute mental focus and improved self-confidence.
  • All the benefits associated with a cardiovascular workout that feeds oxygen to the muscles by means of the blood stream.
  • Now you can buy all your handball equipment (including handball gloves) from McSport fitness and sports retailer. Simply browse our extensive selection of quality merchandise, click and purchase!

    ** Please note that handball as referred to here is normally termed ‘Olympic Handball’ in order to distinguish it from the informal game that involves hitting a small ball by hand in a walled court.**

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    Pimpled Out Table Tennis Bat Image McSport Ireland


    Harrod are a brand known for manufacturing goals, posts, nets and more. They provide for personal use as well as events and professional sporting. Shop Harrod at McSport today.

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    Harrows Official Competition Dart Board Image McSport Ireland


    Harrows is one of the worlds leading and most widely distributed darts brand, supplying you with any product you need for playing darts. Harrows support beginners as well as professionals. Shop Harrows at McSport today.

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    Hex Dumbbells [10kg to 25kg] - Pair

    Hex Dumbbells

    Hex Dumbbells are our top selling dumbbells, and for good reason! They're a versatile training tool. They require greater muscle stabilization, they'll correct muscular imbalances, and they offer an opportunity to reignite your training in ways that barbells just can't.

    McSport offer a wide range of dumbbells from world renowned fitness brands like HIT Fitness, Jordan Fitness, UFE and Fitness Mad.

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    HIT FITNESS Pro Free Standing Punch Bag 5.9ft | 82kg Image McSport Ireland

    Hit Boxing

    Hit Boxing have provided customers with a brand new range of boxing equipment to help you develop and improve your coordination and agility. Shop Hit Boxing today on McSport.

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    Hit Fitness

    Hit Fitness

    HIT FITNESS have a mission to equip people with top quality products to assist them in reaching their fitness goals. HIT FITNESS have a massive range of products like treadmills, dumbbells, weight plates and much more. They strive to support customers by providing top quality equipment. Whether its a home gym that you want to build, or just one item to help with fitness, HIT FITNESS has it all.

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    Hit Sport Space Marker Cones Set of 50 Image McSport Ireland

    Hit Sport

    Hit Sport have a range of sporting supplies for all sports. Shop Hit Sport on McSport now.

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    Hit Yoga Pilates Mat Image McSport Ireland

    Hit Yoga

    Hit Yoga provides products to equip you for Yoga. Hit Yoga have a a wide range of products on-site for customers to browse. Shop Hit Yoga now on McSport.

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    McSport now stocks a wide range of hockey equipment, including hockey sticks and helmets.

    Hockey has been played for centuries and cannot be said to have one single point of origin, since hitting a ball with a curved stick seems to have been a popular pursuit the world over for quite some time now. A game similar to field hockey (a term that is used to distinguish the game in countries that also practise ice- and street hockey) has been found depicted in 4000-year-old Egyptian drawings, as well as in Greek manuscripts and the Mongolian oral tradition. The modern game and its rules are said to have evolved from a winter sport that Middlesex cricket clubs played to keep fit during the rainy season.

    Today hockey is played all over the world by both men and women on surfaces as varied as gravel, grass, sand and artificial turf. Some of the countries that are particularly involved at an international level include Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. The sport is governed by the International Hockey Federation, which is made up of 116 members.

    Playing hockey has a variety of physiological- and psychological benefits, especially for school children. These include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health and fitness. Hockey is a fast-paced sport that requires players to have a high level of cardiovascular fitness if they are to play competitively. Improved hand-eye coordination. Any game that is played with a stick and a ball improves coordination, but bring forward motion into the equation and you can understand why hockey players are found to have superb levels of hand-eye coordination.
  • Improved self-confidence. Playing a sport and playing it well provides an amazing boost to one’s self-confidence. This is particularly helpful for young children (and even adults) who battle to connect with other individuals on a personal level. When you get on a playing field you have to work together in order to win the game and this camaraderie is a fantastic way to improve interpersonal communication skills and improve self-confidence.
  • These are just some of the benefits associated with participation in a team sport like hockey. Are you looking to invest in some quality hockey equipment? We have done the legwork for you in sourcing everything from bibs to hockey helmets. All you have to do is browse and select our wide range of sports equipment.

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    Home Gym

    Home Gym

    Are you looking to Build A Home Gym? McSport have built some of the largest commercial gyms in the country. When it comes to knowing about weights equipment and kitting out your own space we can advise, supply and install your home gym.

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    Hit Fitness Ab Wheel Super Image McSport Ireland

    Home Gym Gift Guide

    Shop for Home Gym Gifts at McSport. Find the perfect addition to anyones home gym by browsing our wide ranges of Cardio Equipment,  Fitness Equipment & Weights.

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    Jordan Classic Urethane Olympic Disc 1.25kg-25kg Image McSport Ireland

    Jordan Fitness

    Jordan Fitness design and supply quality functional fitness equipment. They produce innovative new concepts and listen to customer feedback to better their products. McSport have a wide range of Jordan Fitness fitness equipment online and in-store. Shop now at McSport.

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    Karakal Training Sliotar Image McSport Ireland


    Karakal are known highly from their PU Super Grip and high quality Gaelic, Hurling, Camogie and Football products. Karakal have a wide range of products on McSport. Shop Karakal on McSport today.

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    Browse our wide selection of Kettlebells for sale. We have an amazing range of weights so you can build the ultimate kettlebell workout.

    Here are some of our best selling models:

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    Koolpack is an ice pack for sports related injuries. These help with training if accidents occur. Shop Koolpack on McSport today.

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    Lets Bands Power Bands | Mini Set Image McSport Ireland

    Lets Bands

    Lets Bands specialize in resistance bands for fitness and exercise. Lets Bands resistance bands are specially designed and manufactured  to deliver optimal resistance and results. Shop Lets Bands in McSport today.

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    Mighty Mast

    Mighty Mast provide a quality and innovative product that you can buy with confidence from their range of products. Shop Mighty Mast on McSport today.

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    Mikasa V-230 Lightweight Volleyball Image McSport Ireland


    Mikasa provide quality vollyball equipment for both professionsals and beginners. Shop their range on McSport today.

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    Mitre Match Football | Junior Lite 370g Image McSport Ireland


    Mitre have produced footballs for many years. Footballs have been the foundation of their brand and are known worldwide because of their quality and durability. Browse the Mitre range on McSport.

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    Molten Rubber Basketball Size 7


    Molten is committed to producing the absolute best quality sports equipment to help athletes maximize performance and realize their full potential. Molten continue to create products of impeccable quality that are known worldwide. Shop the Motlen Range on McSport today.

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    Morgan Pass developer Image McSport Ireland


    Morgan gives you an elite rugby ball that athletes can use to train. Browse the collection today.

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    My Home Cartwheel Mat Image McSport Ireland

    My Home Gymnastics

    My Home Gymnastics aim to offer the best quality equipment designed with safety as the biggest concern. All equipment have been designed and tested to be secure and safe for the athlete. Shop My Home Gymnastics today at MySport.

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    MyZone MZ3 Physical Activity Belt Image McSport Ireland


    MyZone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. With this product, you can keep track of your fitness at a glance of a watch. Shop MyZone at MySport today.

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    NCF Bleep Test Shuttle Run CD Image McSport Ireland


    NCF is a Bleep Test Shuttle Run CD used to instruct athletes during the test. Shop at McSport today.

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    Neils Larsen Euroobench | 2.4m Image McSport Ireland

    Neils Larsen

    Neils Larson offer a range of gymnastics equipment and bring innovation to the sport. Neils Larson products are well designed and manufactured from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen. Shop Neils Larson today at McSport.

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    New Age Kurling Competition Set Image McSport Ireland

    New Age Kurling

    New Age Kurling have produced products that everyone can enjoy. Products can be used inside, rather than outside, on any smooth surface. Shop New Age Kurling today at McSport.

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    Nordictrack Rx 800 V1 Rowing Machine | McSport Ireland


    NordicTrack are a world-renowned company that manufacture and produce some of the finest fitness and exercise machines. They are known for having both quality and durability. McSport have a range of NordicTrack in store and online. NordicTrack strives on having the best interactive personal training aspect with their products. Find NordicTrack at McSport today.

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    O'Neills Inter County Football Image McSport Ireland


    O'Neills are a renowned manufacturer of footballs and hurling balls for Gaelic games. O'Neills have a range of balls on McSport. Shop now online.

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    PMF Deluxe Ball Cabinet Image McSport Ireland


    PMF have lots of experience in the manufacturing and supply of professional quality sports equipment. Their range of premium sporting goods cater for all kinds of sports; athletics, badminton, cricket, football, hockey and much more. Shop PMF at McSport today.

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    Polar helps you get under the skin of your training. With Polar products, you can track and monitor your heart rate while exercising. Shop Polar today at McSport.

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    Precision Training Hand Pump Image McSport Ireland

    Precision Training

    Precision Training is a number 1 brand for goalkeeping and training aids. The brand pay key attention to enhancing performance without comprimising on aestheticsand style. Shop Precision Training today at McSport.

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    Outdoor Basketball Pole / Post Padding Image McSport Ireland

    Primo Play

    Primo Play is a sports and games manufacturing company, specialising in supplying goods to the pre-school, education and high performance sports sectors. Shop Primo Play today at McSports.

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    Pro-Form R600 V1 Rower


    Proform provide a valuable and hassle-free training experience at home. Proform manufacture high quality exercise and fitness machines for both home use and gym use. Shop Proform today at McSport.

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    Impulse Fitness Pull-Up Bar Attachment Image McSport Ireland

    Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar

    Find the Pull Up Bar that suits your needs. Shop for the perfect chin up bar, or browse our wide range of door frame or wall mounted pull up bar bars for your home.

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    HIT FITNESS Lat Low Pulley Attachment for F100 Image McSport Ireland

    Rack Attachments

    Explore the full potential of your home or commercial gym with our rack attachments. From dip attachments to spotter arms, we have a product that suits your needs.

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    Rubber Table Tennis Bat Image McSport Ireland


    Ransome makes sure that quality and performance of their products remains up to standard. Randsome have a range of products on McSport that you can browse online or in store today.

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    RAZE Solid Rubber Plate | 25kg


    RAZE are dedicated to create the best strength, conditioning and weightlifting products possible. RAZE have a passion for high quality, functional equipment combined with a strong creative streak that evidently, gets channeled into every product they create. Shop RAZE today at McSport.

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    The Reebok Step (Commercial) Image McSport Ireland


    Reebok is a global brand with a deep heritage in fitness. Reebok have a range of products on McSport that you can buy online or in-store today. Browse Reebok at McSport today.

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    Leinster Rugby Gift Set

    Rhino Rugby

    Rhino Rugby supplies rugby training, match and customized balls to customers with a love for rugby. Rhino Rugby strives in quality and durability in their products, and have for years. Shop Rhino Rugby at McSport today.

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    Riley 6ft Folding Pool Table with Table Tennis Top | Blue | McSport Ireland


    Riley specialize in games tables like football tables, pool tables and more. Browse their range on McSport today.

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    Rugby Equipment

    Rugby Equipment, Ireland’s largest specialist sports retailer has been supplying high quality rugby equipment to clubs and schools for over 20 years. We have been supplying all levels of Irish rugby teams including school teams, clubs and provincial teams. Over the years we have supplied every professional team in Ireland. The rugby products we sell targets specific areas of training, namely technique development, rugby speed, -power, -agility and -balance.

    Clubs can now order their equipment using our McSport Schools / Clubs Order Form and fax it to us instead of ordering online. This form has been designed specifically for schools and clubs as an alternative way to obtain there equipment from McSport without the use of the e-commerce website.

    Our top selling rugby equipment includes:

    For the team:

      • All forms of protective rugby sporting goods including tackle suits, head guards and forearm guards.
      • rugby accessories range comprising of water bottles, stopwatches, whistles, skipping ropes, gym balls, kicking tees, bibs, kit bags, ball bags and mouthguards.

    For the coach:

    • Rugby value Packs that include premium quality products with instruction materials for coaches.
    • Instruction materials in the form of books, DVD’s and charts.
    • A wide range of products to test certain areas of fitness including scales, blood pressure monitors, body fat callipers, strength testing, power testing, sport timing, agility core and strength.

    For the public:

    • A wide range of rugby clothing including Nike, Canterbury, Gilbert, Puma and KooGa rugby shirts and more.

    For game day:

    • A service for printing team insignia onto rugby post pads, advertising banners, wedges and touchline field marker sets.
    • A large selection of First Aid Equipment, which includes posters, medical kits, run-on bags, ice packs, freeze spray and heat spray.

    For training:

    • Gilbert match and training Rugby Balls
    • Centurion Tackle Bags, rucking shields and Maori shields.
    • A full range of XLR8 and Centurion-branded rugby training aids including agility ladders, hurdles, power speed resistors, weighted vests, reactive balls, evasion belts, and agility poles.
    • A full range of equipment for tag rugby including tagbelts, markers, instruction cards, rugby balls and stopwatches.
    • Rugby strength training accessories including power bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, Olympic discs and bars.

    Dublin University, founded in 1854, was the first organised Rugby Football Club in Ireland. Other clubs that were established at the time and exist to this day include the Wanderers founded in 1869; Lansdowne (1873); Dungannon (1873) and UCC (1874)


    Tag rugby recently became the fastest growing summer recreational sport in all of Ireland. This exciting and dynamic team sport can be played by both men and women of all ages and skill levels. It is also fun, sociable and appeals to everyone aged between the ages of 20 and 60. Tag Rugby is primarily about running and passing, which means agility, speed and good hand-eye coordination become more important than brute force and strength. It therefore compliments a whole range of other sports, from soccer to Gaelic football, swimming and tennis.

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    Discounts in Sports and Fitness equipment. Amazing deals await you.

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    Samba Gaelic Goal Inc Net Image McSport Ireland


    Samba have been manufacturing football goals for years. They have become no 1 for having the highest quality portable uPVC goals. Shop Samba at McSport today.

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    Schools, Ireland’s largest specialist sports retailer has been supplying high quality sports equipment to clubs and schools for over 40 years.

    We supply a whole range of goods to schools for a large variety of sports such as:

  • Bean Bags, Hula Hoops, Foam Balls, Skipping Ropes & more.
  • Soccer (Bibs, Footballs, Goals, First Aid, Goalkeeping Equipment, Shin Guards, Water Bottles & Trays)
  • GAA (Bibs, Gaelic Footballs, Hurleys, Sliotars, First Aid, Gum Shields, Tackle Bags)
  • Rugby (Bibs, Gum Shields, Protective Equipment, Rugby Balls, Tackling Equipment, Technique Development)
  • Basketball (Backboards, Basketballs, Bibs, Posts, Rings, Nets, Water Bottles & Trays)
  • Athletics (Discus, High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Hammer, Shot Put, Long Jump, Landing Areas)
  • These are just some of the many different sports we supply equipment to schools for but there are much more McSport can also supply your school teams with customised 

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    Precision Mesh Training Bib | Yellow Image McSport Ireland

    Schools Training Bibs

    Football bibs are how we started our business! McSport has been supplying schools with bibs, hula hoops, bean bags and other essentials since 1980. As the business is now run by the 2nd generation the range of products has expanded but school sports is the heart of McSport.

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    Silva Markers Flag white & orange Image McSport Ireland


    Silva has been helping athletes enjoy the outdoors with their compasses and accessories. Shop Silva today at McSport

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    Sky Bounce Balls Image McSport Ireland

    Sky Bounce

    Sky Bounce's bounce balls, tennis balls and basketballs available at No matter what your sport requirement, our products will meet your need.

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    Slazenger Mini Tennis 3m Net & Post Set Image McSport Ireland


    Slazenger is one of the longest established sporting brands manufacturing products for tennis, cricket, hockey, swimming and golf. McSport have a range of products by Slazenger. Browse Slazenger today at McSport.

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    Over the years, McSport has been closely involved in the area of soccer equipment. We are pleased to announce that we are Ireland’s number one sports equipment supplier and will continue to grow thanks to increasing demand from our many happy customers.

    We supply discount soccer training equipment, portable soccer goals, balls, training tools and much more, to a full spectrum of players. From major soccer teams to junior league players, McSport can manage the equipment needs of any player. McSport has an immense variety of products that provides an endless amount of options for the avid player, so browse our ever-expanding stock online or visit our stores in Ireland. McSport will always be your first choice for the best in soccer equipment.

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    Soccer Goals and Nets

    Soccer Goals and Nets

    With a range of football goals and nets to suit all budgets and goal post sizes, McSport has the goal net for you!

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    Sole Fitness 50ml Silicone Treadmill Lubrication - Picture of Treadmill Lubricant

    Sole Fitness

    Sole Fitness manufactures fitness equipment that performs excellently for an athelete. Sole Fitness supplies fitness equipment for both gym use and home use. McSport have a range of Sole Fitness products online and in store. Shop now on McSport.

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    Spinner Ride Indoor Cycle

    Spinning by Precor

    Spinning by Precor are designed to give your exercises the riding experience you've always dreamed of. Spinning by Precor's products feature numerous adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit and the heavy perimeter-weighted flywheel provides a 'spinning' feel. Shop Spinning by Precor at McSport.

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    Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike

    Spirit Fitness

    Spirit Fitness' treadmills and cardio equipment available at No matter what your sport requirement, our products will meet your need.

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    Hit Sport 10ft Adjustable Basketball Unit | Series 2 Image McSport Ireland

    Sporty Gifts

    Shop for Sporty Gifts at McSport. Find the perfect gift for the sport nut in your life by browsing our ranges of equipment for Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, GAA & Rugby.

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    Hit Fitness Core Pack 50kg | Standard & Radial Plates

    Squat Racks & Stands

    Wide variety of squat stands and squat racks available from Hit Fitness. Tight on space? Discover the Folding Squat Rack in our PWR60 range. Suitable for lifting exercises such as squats, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press and bench work, our range of high quality Squat Racks will suit any home gym or garage gym setup.

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    Stiga Match Table Tennis Net and Post Image McSport Ireland


    Stiga produce and manufacture a wide range of table tennis products. Their table tennis range boast a variety of blades, rubber, tables and accessories of the highest quality. Shop Stiga at McSport today.

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    Sure Shot 463 Multi Purpose Ball Cage Image McSport Ireland

    Storage Equipment

    Schools, gymnasiums and private sporting facilities often have a problem with sports equipment storage. Many pieces of equipment are cumbersome and bulky, taking up a lot of space when not in use. Luckily, there are ways and means of organising a storage space that allows you to use the area efficiently.

    Your first step should be to evaluate the dimensions of the space you have available. Bear in mind that floor space is only one area that can be used - you still have plenty of space on the walls and even against the ceiling. Taking this into account, you should then proceed to systematically assign and arrange wall-, floor- and ceiling space.

    It is best to use:

  • Floor space for heavy, cumbersome objects that are used frequently. In this category we will include things like athletics mats. In order to keep these items tidy, and make it easier to move, you might think of investing in sports mat trolleys. Storage chests are handy for smaller, irregularly shaped objects like balls, field markers, etc.
  • Wall space for items that have to be within easy reach should hang. In this category we have things like jumping ropes, hula hoops, free weights, tennis rackets, etc. If you plan to invest in a storage unit, such as a ball cabinet, this could also take advantage of wall space.
  • Ceiling space is ideal for items that are used less often. Seasonal sports, such as rugby, are only played at certain times of the year and as such the training gear has to be stored for long periods of time. Ceiling space is ideal for something like this - with a few well-placed hooks and rails you can double your sports storage space in no time at all. 
  • Another handy way of organising your gear is to ensure that you arrange things in terms of category. Confine smaller items to a drawer system; or boxes and bins that sit on shelves. Drawers and bins should have clearly visible identification labels or numbers that correspond to a printed inventory.

    Have a look at our comprehensive range of  sports equipment storage solutions and organise your space today. We stock everything from wall brackets to skipping rope racks, drawstring storage bags and storage chests.

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    Hit Fitness 100kg Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Plate Set

    Strength & Fitness Packs

    Strength & Fitness Packs available at - no matter what your sport requirement, our products will meet your need.

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    Hit Fitness 80kg Black Bumper Plates Core Weight Set

    Strength and Weight Training Equipment

    Strength training is crucial in helping your muscles become bigger and stronger while also improving your health and overall quality of life.

    Strength training is crucial in helping your muscles become bigger and stronger while also improving your health and overall quality of life. Using resistance equipment such as Barbells, Dumbbells, Power Racks, Weight Plates, and Weight Benches will give you the tools to carry out varied weight training programmes to reach your goals. Our range of equipment is of the highest quality sourced from trusted brands such as HIT Fitness, and Jordan.

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    Hit Fitness 80kg Coloured Bumper Plates Core Weight Set

    Strength Packages

    Online Exclusive Home Gym Strength packages curated by the experts. Order your home gym online and let the gym come to you! Our home gym and garage gym packages are built to last. No excuses!

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    Table Tennis

    Table Tennis

    Table Tennis Equipment at McSport: Almost everyone has, at least once in their lifetime, batted a few table tennis balls across a net - whether it be competitively or out of sheer boredom over the summer holidays. Although table tennis is a fairly young sport, it has seen its fair share of modifications, evolutions and even controversy during its short, but fascinating history.

    Keen to improve your table tennis skills or simply want something fun for the family to do together? Have a look at our comprehensive selection of table tennis equipment, including table tennis tables, table tennis batsand table tennis nets and get your games room kitted out in style

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    Dunlop Nitro 25 Junior Kit | 2x Tennis Rackets plus Balls


    Tennis Equipment: McSport recognises the need for quality tennis accessories such as tennis racquets, balls, nets and tennis coaching sets. Through training, dedication and years spent on the court, you too can reach the great heights of Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and many others. Men and women of any age can get in on the action, as tennis is fun, exciting and competitive all at the same time. The subtleties of hand eye coordination can increase the dexterity of young and old alike. So take your game to the next level with our quality equipment.

    Use the Advantage Senior Tennis Racket to up your game at school or in the gym. The racket is 27" in length and has a two tone colour scheme, with an aluminium frame that boasts a fitted head protector and a soft PU (polyurethane) handle. For tennis coaches, the Tennis Coaching Set is invaluable and contains many pieces of sporting equipment that will help in assisting tennis athletes of any level. Comes with: six 19" racquets, six 21" racquets, one set of 25 markers, twelve low compression tennis balls, eight 9cm foam balls, a holdall and twelve super tournament tennis balls. This is the perfect discount tennis equipment set, as it contains many accessories that would cost much more if purchased separately.

    Phillips Official tennis balls are made of the finest Melton 32oz cloth, ensuring that you have first-rate match ball that slams firmly against the racquet with every back-serve, forehand and smash. Or choose a bucket of tennis balls, available in Super Tournament, First Quality and Coaching Quality ball grades. For the world’s best tennis ball, opt for the Wimbledon Ultra High Vis Hydroguard. The Ultra VisTM cloth is manufactured using a particular dye that makes use of a patented application process, increasing ball visibility in tennis games. The patented HydroguardTM technology fends off up to 70% more water than a normal tennis ball. With approval by the ITF, USTA and FFT, you are guaranteed a fast-moving game of tennis every time.

    For those who want to learn the game of tennis, the Slazenger Smash tennis racquet is the perfect introduction to this regal sport. This is an incredibly lightweight racket that is available in a wide range of colours and striking designs. Tubular aluminium construction keeps the weight down and your speed up. This is the ideal racquet if you are looking to perfect your backhand stroke.

    If you have a tennis court but do not yet have the all-important tennis net, then visit McSport and grab the Harrod Freestanding Tennis Posts before they are all gone! These posts are ideal on any surface, including grass, clay and asphalt. Each set is manufactured from 76mm square x 3.2mm steel rods and polyester powder-coated in green. Three 50mm square detachable middle sections come apart for easy storage and the rubber pads on each leg are used to protect the surface. Harrod tennis posts are also available in both heavy duty steel and aluminium. 

    We also stock a wide range of tennis racquets which are not on our website, as we update our in-store stock quite regularly. So visit our site daily to keep up to date. Whatever your tennis equipment needs are, McSport can and will always deliver.

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    TIS Pro 077 3D Pedometer Image McSport Ireland

    TIS Pro

    TIS Pro supply stopwatches that have been manufactured and produced  with top quality materials. Shop TIS Pro at McSport today.

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    Treadmills are some of the most common pieces of gym equipment you'll see in homes and gyms across the world and that’s because of the many benefits they can provide you no matter what your fitness goals.

    Treadmills contribute to improved cardiovascular health, improved lung capacity and weight loss all while having less impact on your joints then normal running. We sell a wide variety of different types to suit homes or gyms, including Folding Treadmills, Non-folding Treadmills, and Inclining/declining Treadmills. We only stock trusted brands including NordicTrack, Pro-form and Xterra. Folding treadmills are ideal for those who are tight on space. Inclined Treadmills can add variety by adding difficulty to your workouts by simulating hill running. Haven’t found cardio equipment to suit you? You can also browse our Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines and Cross Trainers.

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    TRX Move System Suspension Trainer Image McSport Ireland


    TRX provides world-class training for all. TRX have simple and effective equipment, capable of transforming total-body health. Shop TRX today at McSport.

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    Tuftex Bean Bags Bucket Assorted Colours | Pack of 12 Image McSport Ireland


    Tuftex have a selection of products on McSport. They supply, fitness equipment, sports equipment and more. Shop Tuftex today at McSport.

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    Unicorn Striker Dartboard Image McSport Ireland


    Unicorn sports equipment have been developed through years of experience. McSport offers you a range of Unicorn products like darts, dartboards and more. Shop Unicorn now at McSport.

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    Unihoc Pro Set Image McSport Ireland


    Unihoc the brand stands for quality, design and innovation while developing the perfect product. Shop Unihoc at McSport today.

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    Gift Card Image McSport Ireland

    Valentines Gifts

    Browse our amazing selection of sports and fitness equipment and get your Valentines Day gift ideas for the fitness fanatics.

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    Vinex Shot Put 2kg-6kg Image McSport Ireland


    Vinux is a sports shop that provide customers with the best quality sports equipment. Shop Vinux today at McSport.

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    Weight Plates

    Weight Plates

    Weight Plates are used with Barbells or Adjustable Dumbbells to increase resistance during weighted exercises.

    We offer a huge range of Weight Plates to suit the needs of every type of trainer whether they are beginner or advanced weight lifters. A standard barbell usually can carry 120kg and once you start lifting at this weight it's time to step up to the Olympic grade. Our olympic plates fit into our olympic barbells and can be used in conjuction with our Weight Benches and Power Racks to ensure you get a varied workout targeting all the important muscle groups! Our rubber bumper plates will ensure there will be no damage to flooring or the surrounding area when the weights are dropped. To check out our 150kg Olympic Rubber Weight Plate Set - click here.

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    Weights Equipment

    Weights Equipment

    No matter what your weight training goals, whether its building muscle or just simply toning up we're sure to have the right piece of equipment for you.

    The key is finding the right piece of equipment for you, basing that decision on fitness goals, price, space required etc. We provide Free Weights like Dumbbells, Barbells, Weight Plates, Kettlebells, and Power racks. Free Weights will enable you to introduce many different types of exercises to your routine including bench press, squats, deadlifts, and bicep curls. We also provide Multi Gyms and Weight Machines which are easier to use but don’t offer that same freedom. No matter what you choose the benefits remain the same. You’ll increase your muscle size, increase mobility, improve your cardiovascular health and be less prone to injury!

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    Winmau Dartboard - Blade 5 Image McSport Ireland


    Winmau has been obsessed with excellence in darts through unrivalled innovation. Winmau are proudly serving customers worldwide with their products. McSport have a range of Winmau products in-store and online. Shop Winmau now.

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    Hit Fitness On the Go Yoga Pack

    Yoga and Pilates Gift Guide

    Shop for Yoga & Pilates Gifts at McSport. Find the perfect gift for the Yoga lover in your life by browsing our range of Mats, Accessories and Reformers.

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    Hit Fitness On the Go Yoga Pack

    Yoga Equipment

    Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon and once you decide to join the revolution, you can get a yoga mat at McSport. Along with this vital yoga tool, we also offer a wide variety of accessories that you can use to get the most out of your training. Seen by many as a way to refresh mind, body and soul, yoga provides many positive results for those who have stuck to their routine.

    Better breathing and increased flexibility will naturally come over time when taking up yoga, but it is also a fantastic way to shed weight and boost your fitness levels. With the hectic lifestyles we lead today, you will also be pleased to know that yoga sessions will reduce stress levels and tension, while also assisting in improving your overall strength and balance. Although this is all on offer, you should be serious when you decide to take up this form of exercise, or any other for that matter, as breaking your routine and doing things incorrectly will spoil all of the effort you have put in and not give you the results you so desire. 

    To assist you in doing yoga correctly, here are some tips for when you are just starting out:

  • Get focused: Getting on your mat, closing your eyes and focusing on what you want to achieve during your session before you start will clear your head of the hectic day behind you.
  • Never be afraid of assistance: There is a lot of equipment on offer such as blocks or straps that can assist you while doing certain poses. Not everybody is advanced and many people are put off doing particular poses because of the difficulty, but blocks can give you the extra balance you need while straps can give you extra length and flexibility.
  • Inhale, exhale: Don’t forget to breathe properly during your routine. A lot of people will hold their breath during difficult moves, but this prevents the natural flow that you are trying to achieve.
  • Push your body: Don’t be afraid to push yourself during training. If you want to try more difficult poses, ask someone to spot you and go for it, alternatively you can slowly phase into it by using a wall for support.

    McSport offers everything you need from a quality yoga mat to belts, blocks, resistance bands and more so stock up and start yoga or Pilates exercises today.

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    Zsignet Multisport Classic | Net ONLY Image McSport Ireland


    Zsignet design and manufacture sports equipment for schools, coaches and families. Shop Zsignet today at McSport.

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