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Team Fitness

Team Fitness Equipment: So, you’ve bought the fitness equipment and agility equipment, had tryouts, assembled a team and had your first practice, but things don’t seem to gel. Team members aren’t working together like you would like them to and the general fitness level of the players is atrocious. What do you do? Bring out the big guns and set aside time for four to six team fitness sessions through the course of your season. Fitness sessions are anything but popular, but if you want your team to perform to the utmost of its ability, it is a necessary evil.

A good fitness session should include the following elements:

  • Game-specific training drills. Ideally, these should emulate the fitness components and movements that form the base of the sport in question, as well as taking into account the individual fitness requirements of the players. Popular fitness components include: speed, agility, strength, power, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Warm-up and cool-down exercises should be formulated according to the latest industry research and strive to improve performance and reduce the risk to injury.
  • Fitness assessment. Individual assessments should be done on a regular basis in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each player as the season progresses. This way the trainer knows which aspects of fitness to focus on with each player, and serves as motivation for the player in question. 
  • Goal setting (team and individual). Used to increase the players’ motivation and achievement levels. Goals should be devised and monitored on a regular basis. 
  • Team program design. Each fitness session should be used to determine which aspects of fitness will be focused on during on-going, conventional practices. At the time of the next fitness session both players and trainers should be given the opportunity to give input with regard to how practical and useful they found the program.

Each team differs and will have individual requirements of their team fitness sessions. If you are unsure about how to proceed, contact a professional or do some further research online.

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