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Rounders is a firm favourite with both children and adults the world over and what better way to while away break time at school or lazy Saturdays at home? Although the game has now progressed to league level and is played competitively around the globe, anybody and everybody can enjoy rounders as it is one of the very few games that can be played by men, women, boys, girls and even mixed teams.

The benefits of rounders include:

  • It is a great and fun way to keep active.
  • If it is played socially, as opposed to competitively, there is no need to buy a whole lot of expensive rounders equipment all you need to start out with is a sturdy rounders bat and a good quality rounders ball.
  • It is a fun family pastime that can easily be converted into a corporate team building activity.

The game shares many common characteristics with baseball and softball, but differ in subtle ways. These include:

  • The bat used in rounders is substantially shorter and usually swung with a single hand.
  • Strikes aren't called - each player gets one good ball and must run whether they manage to hit it or not.
  • Posts are used to mark the bases.
  • The lay-out of the pitch differs substantially, especially with regard to the location of home base.

Interestingly enough, the game's first formalised rules were drawn up right here in Ireland by the GAA as long ago as 1884. It is still regulated by the GAA in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but falls under the jurisdiction of the NRA (National Rounders Association) in Britain. When competing, teams from different countries will alternate between the traditions - playing one version in the morning and the other in the aftrnoon.

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