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Sure Shot Star Netballs

Sure Shot Star Netballs

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McSport is proud to endorse netball, a fast paced and non-contact sport that is popular the world over. Choose us as your supplier of netball clothing, netball bags, goals, posts and other equipment. Over 20 million netball players around the world practice and compete in tournaments, school events and other various competitions every day. McSport is thoroughly involved with the development of netball throughout Ireland and supplies the top teams both locally and on away games with high-grade netball equipment.

Be seen on the court in a bright netball bib, available in a wide range of colours for you and your team. These training bibs are numbered and lettered on each side, with elasticised Velcro to keep each strap securely in place. Choose them in sizes large, medium or small. Each bib is ergonomically designed and manufactured in a quality polyester cotton blend and are highly suitable for the school environment.

The Netball ball is the central part of the game, allowing an expert player to be able to navigate the court in seconds - with the right equipment of course. McSport has a large selection of balls, ranging from training to professional level durable Mitre netballs fit for any international tournament. Designed in bold colours and meeting both recreational and training requirements, the Mitre Oasis is a particularly popular ball. An embossed, dimpled exterior ensures an outstanding grip and the bright colours keep it highly visible on the court. The Mitre series are some of the most popular training and competition balls in the world.

Are you shopping for children or young adults looking to start early training on the netball court? Invest in a netball set from McSport that contains both a stand and a netball ring. A high quality practice set keeps the competition fun and friendly. For the professional, our netball posts (available in both standard- and IFNA regulation) are just the ticket for exciting, professional netball games. These netball goals are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come with a heavy, tapered triangular base that is designed to accommodate a variety of surfaces. These upright rigs can also be easily wheeled away should the need arise.

As a coach, it is your duty to provide your players with the best training possible and this is where our Netball Coaching Set comes into play. It contains eight Tuftex nylon wound netballs, two sets of printed netball bibs, one carryall and many more valuable pieces of netball equipment.

Like many other court-bound ball games, netball has its roots in basketball. Female teachers at the local YMCA where the first basketball games were played wanted to make this exciting sport accessible to the girls that attended school. The dress regulations of the time did not allow the female players to dribble or run on the court, therefore netball was born out of the restrictions of an antiquated rule. Netball quickly spread across the globe, finding favour in Australia, Jamaica and Europe. In 1995, netball officially became an Olympic sport and its popularity continues to grow each and every year.

Netball is a fantastic game that can be used for corporate team building - all you need is a ball, a set of bibs and two netball posts. Netball can also be played safely throughout the year, in both winter and summer. McSport is the leader in sports equipment. We will continue to support our local netball teams, so browse our stock regularly to ensure that you stay up to date with our cutting edge netball equipment!

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