Finding the Perfect Basketball Unit

Finding the Perfect Basketball Unit Trying to find a suitable basketball unit may seem straightforward enough. Still, there are a few details that you need to consider before you make your purchase, such as location, budget, and type of backboard you want. Before we get into that, though, ask yourself these questions:

• Who is the hoop for?
• What height is the person?
• What hoop size do you need?
• What backboard do you want?
• What is your budget? Not sure how to answer these?

No problem! We’ll bring you through everything you need to know when it comes to buying the perfect basketball unit.

This should be the first thing to consider when you are getting a new basketball unit. Is it going somewhere with a roof, or is it going to be in the open? If it's in the open, then the sky's the limit! But if you have it somewhere with a roof, you need to think about its height. Portable basketball units go from 4 feet, all the way up to 10 feet. There’s no point in purchasing a 10-foot basketball unit if you are putting it in a room that’s roof is 8 foot.

Height Guide
Finding the correct height is not an exact science. There are so many different aspects to contemplate, such as who the net is for, the use the unit will be getting, and the person's skill level. Once you have taken all of this into account, we have put together a small guide on which height you should get according to age:

Of course, this is just a guide and not a hard rule to go by. In the end, it’s what you feel most comfortable with. The great thing about many basketball units is that they can be adjusted to whatever height suits you. So, if you go with a 10 foot one, check to see if you can adjust it before purchase. The Hit Sport 10ft Adjustable Basketball Unit Series 1, for instance, can adjust from 6.5 to 10 feet, which is suitable for all ages.

There are many different units to choose from, all with varying price ranges starting anywhere from €189 up to €776. Why such a variation in the price, you ask? Well, a lot of the basketball units for sale may look similar, but the price differs based on several aspects such as the type, height, materials, size of the backboard, kind of rim, pole, and the brand.

If you are looking to go for the top of the range, then the Sure Shot Portable Adjustable Basketball unit with Acrylic Backboard and Pole Padding is a good choice. This comes in at €776.50 and has everything you will need for a premium basketball unit, including a handle system that makes changing the height easier than ever and a ballast that holds up to 240kg of either sand or water. 

If you don’t want to spend that much on a hoop but are still looking for the same stability, then the Hit Sport 10ft Adjustable Basketball Unit series 2 is the way to go. Its steel construction and durable backboard means that it can take a tough basketball game without worry that it will fall apart. It is only €399, and while you are missing the extra bits like the pole padding, this basketball unit’s construction won't fail you.

Then there is always the option of going for a budget-friendly basketball unit. You will lose out on some features but paying a lower price doesn’t mean you get a cheaply made product. The NET1 Xplode Portable Basketball System is an excellent example of a budget-friendly, well-made basketball unit. This hoop has protective padding included and is suitable for all weathers. The two wheels and four ground anchor stakes mean you don't have to worry about it being moved easily, even with its lighter ballast of 38 litres. You do sacrifice the height, though. This hoop only goes from 6.5 feet to 8.5 feet, unlike the premium and mid-range that both hit 10 feet each.

If you are looking for a basketball unit for a young child between the ages of 4-6 years old, then you can't go wrong with the Sure Shot Little Shot Basketball Unit with Backboard. This budget-friendly unit is €225 that has a height of 4-6 foot. The Little shot unit is suitable for indoor and outdoor and comes with a 13.5-inch steel ring and a strong melamine backboard.  

Buyers Guide to the Perfect Basketball Unit

Now we know we’ve already given you four different options when you are looking to buy the perfect basketball unit, but we’re going to expand on that a bit to encompass the areas we haven’t gotten to yet. We have compiled a list of 6 other aspects to be aware of when purchasing a basketball unit.

Rim Size
The typical rim size for a basketball hoop is 45cm in diameter and made of steel. Some units, such as the NET1 Attack Youth Portable Basketball System, has a smaller hoop size coming in at 38cm, which is more suitable for younger children.

Height Adjustments
Having the right height is essential when you are getting a basketball unit. As we mentioned earlier, it is not an exact science but getting an adjustable one is the way to go. If your primary requirement is an easy to adjust unit, then the Sure Shot Portable Heavy Duty Basketball Unit with Acrylic Backboard is the one for you. This unit uses a U Just system which is two U shaped bolts attaching the board and ring. By adjusting these, the backboard and hoop can be changed to any height.

The weight, in this case, refers to how sturdy the frame is. You want a unit that is not easy to break and can take all the slam dunks you want! An excellent example of this is the Hit Sport 10ft Gametime Premium Adjustable Basketball Unit Series 4. This unit can take even the harshest of training sessions, and with a slam dunk spring included, there is no fear of breaking the hoop or the backboard.

There are four different backboards to choose from: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, acrylic, and tempered glass. While tempered glass is the most expensive out of the four, the most common and popular is acrylic. It’s highly durable, and the material is well-known for the brand, Plexiglass. If you are looking for a good rebound on the basketball, then the Sure Shot Easijust Basketball Unit with Acrylic Backboard is perfect. The acrylic backboard on this unit will give an 85% ball response and a very similar performance to tempered glass, meaning you get the same result without the added cost.

Pole padding is often forgotten when purchasing a basketball unit. Some units, such as the Sure Shot Urban Adjustable Basketball Unit, comes with the padding already on it, so you don't have to worry. Many others don’t, so it is something you may want to consider before purchasing a basketball unit.

The ballast of a portable unit is what gives the pole and net stability. It will ensure that it stays in place without fear of it falling and injuring someone. Each of the units mentioned in this guide has large ballasts that will keep your basketball hoop in place while you play.

 NET 1 Xplode Hit Sport Adjustable UnitSure Shot Heavy Duty UnitHit Sport Gametime Unit
Portable UnitYes
Backboard Size
76cm x 50cm110cm x 75cm110cm x 70cm130cm x 80cm
Adjustable Height
Height Increments
2m - 2.5m
(6.5ft - 8.2ft)
2.3m - 3.05m
(7.5ft - 10ft)
1.2m - 3.05m
(4ft - 10ft)
2.3m - 3.05m
(7.5ft - 10ft)
Steel Ring Size
Backboard Colour
Red with Black SurroundAcrylic with Black SurroundAcrylic with Red SurroundAcrylic with Black Surround
Ballast Weight
38Kg dry sand or 38 litres of water76Kg dry sand or 76 litres of water190Kg dry sand or 110 litres of water115Kg dry sand or 115 litres of water
Wheels for TransportWheels for TransportWheels for TransportWheels for Transport
Nylon Net & Pole Padding
Polyester NetNylon Net

Polyester Net


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