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Power Couples

"The couple that works out together, stays together"
Maybe "together" is for figurative than literal. When everyone is trying to crack out their workout, maybe it doesn't suit to be doing it with your partner. For some, it's a break from the world to be on their own, especially this year living with lockdowns, restrictions and everything in between, an hour or so of treasured alone time can be all that separates us from madness.
But we can't completely knock working out together. Sometimes working out with your partner can bring a refreshing change of pace. It can be fun, you get to spend some quality time together, it's can be something outside of the norm and it can push you to work harder than you've ever worked before! And before you start getting any ideas, we are NOT suggesting going on a couple's hike for the 8th time this month!
So we've compiled some fun and challenging exercises that you can do with your partner. So why not give some a go this Valentine's Day, you might enjoy it!

All Out Madness

A) 4 sets. Superset these two exercises:
A1) Single Arm Alternating DB/KB Bench Press x 6 reps
A2) Supinated DB/KB Row x 10 reps

B) 4 Sets. Superset these 4 exercises:
B1) 20 deadlifts
B2) 14 DB/KB front squats
B3) 12 C2B pull-ups, pull-ups, ring rows or pronated rows
B4) 10 ring dips, dips, box dips or HR push-ups
:90 REST between sets

Core Together

Here's a great core workout that can be done as a finisher or base workout.
Try these 5 exercises in a row without breaks between the exercises. 
3 rounds with 2 minute rests between rounds.

Plank and Reach 30 seconds
Wheelbarrow Leg Pulls x 8 reps
Lying Leg Throwdown x 8 reps
Rotational Twist x 12 reps
Wheelbarrow Walk x 10 reps


A) 30min Continuous Cardio
Run, walk, swim, bike, row, elliptical, stairs, etc.

B) Stretch
Foam roll, lacrosse ball, yoga, etc. 

Legs in Pairs

Here's a straight forward structured legs workout for a power couple.
7-10 sets x 3 reps per exercise
Take 40 second - 1 minute breaks between sets

Hook Squats
Piggyback Squats
Back to Back Wall Sits
Glute Ham Raise 
Squat and Throw


A) 4 sets. Superset these two exercises. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
A1) Back squat
3 sec down 3 sec hold at the bottom, 1 second pause at the top
A2) Feet Elevated Push-ups
Max effort reps each set for the 4 sets

B) 20min AMRAP
6 KB/DB front squats
12 windshield wipers holding KB/DBs overhead (6 per side)
30 alternating jumping lunges  

Burn Baby Burn

Partner 1 completes:
15 hang power cleans (43kg/30kg)
15 box jump-overs
15 pull-ups

While Partner 2 completes:
Shuttle runs

Alternate as many rounds as possible for 20 mins!

Core and Leg Burner

80 partner burpees
40 thrusters
800m run
80 partner leg lifts
40 toes-to-bar / knee raises
600m run
80 box jump-overs
40 power clean and jerks
400m run
80 partner plank claps
40 front squats
200m run
80 overhead walking lunges (20kg/15kg)
40 handstand push-ups

Hurry Up Harry

Partner 1 completes:
50 push ups
50 walking lunges
50 push press
50 single unders

While Partner 2 completes shuttles

Alternate as many rounds as possible for 30 mins! 

Time Stopper

Partner 1 completes:
 20 burpees

While Partner 2 holds a plank.

Alternate as many rounds as possible for 15 mins! 

Loop Bands > Roses

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