The Secret to Improved Performance & Reduced Recovery Time

The Secret to Improved Performance & Reduced Recovery Time

The Secret to Improved Performance & Reduced Recovery Time

One of the breakthrough developments in the field of sports over recent times has been the discovery of the benefits athletes get from simple, but effective massage tools. The practice of deep-tissue massage has been around for an eternity, but, massage tools you can use yourself are a relatively new concept.

You would be hard stretched (pun-intended) to find a high-level sports team anywhere in the world that did not implement some variation of self-massage tools into their training regime – and to get more insight into this we caught up with Darran O’Sullivan, former Kerry GAA All-Ireland Winning Captain.

“I first got introduced to foam rolling by a good friend of mine, Michael Fennelly, about 7 or 8 years ago” said Darran, “He was explaining to me how it had helped him sort out some mid & late season niggles and kept him out of the treatment room so I said I’d better give it a go – anything to help me stay on the pitch was my thinking.”

After talking to the physios looking after the Kerry senior team at the time Darran quickly got to understand the importance of integrating this into his weekly routine, he carried on to say “since I’ve started using pieces of kit like the foam roller & massage balls I won’t go near a pitch without a solid 20/30 minutes using them. They go into my kit bag alongside the boots!”

Darran paid testament to the benefits of foam rolling throughout our chat but what we really found it telling when he reiterated that players need to keep their priorities in check, saying "as much as you’d buy a new pair of boots you should really invest into how your body performs on the pitch."

To help you & your body reach peak performance we have put together the perfect mobility and recovery packs which can include either a backballer or a foam roller, along with a massage ball, powerband & loop bands, as well as a McSport boot bag. These packs can be used throughout the season, before & after sessions to ensure you get ahead of the competition! Perfect for athletes & sports clubs of all levels.

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