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Philip McLaughlin - Managing Director


I have been in the sports business for over 20 years and I can honestly say I look forward to coming in to work most days.

I am very proud of the staff and the company we have built together over the last 30 years and hope to be working with them for many more years.

I have only recently hung up my 5-a-side boots after my body said no more!!!

I can now be seen on a soccer pitch sideline on a Saturday morning and a rugby pitch on a Sunday morning trying to coach 8 and 9 years in the joys of sport.

Still dreaming of doing a marathon to the hysterical laughs of everyone in the office and anyone else that know me!!

Carol McLaughlin - Director & Office Manager


I have worked in the Sports Industry for over 25 years and I'm interested in all types of sport.

I'm especially interested in GAA and Rugby and I’ve recently taken up goal!

I love travelling and sampling different cultures!


Paul Copeland - Sales Director


I have been working in the sports and fitness industry for over 12 years.

I am a sports fanatic so into all sports really but especially GAA. I am an ex Dublin Footballer and now devote my time playing for my club St. Judes GAA. I hope there’s another few years left in me yet!! 

I enjoy travelling, cinema, gym, live gigs and obviously working for McSport.

Denis Brennan - Office Sales Support


Rugby is my main sport. If I’m not playing then I’m watching or coaching.

I have also played Touch Rugby for Ireland.

I also enjoy Running and have run the Dublin marathon.

I hope to do so again this year and my goal would hopefully be to run an ultra marathon (Someday!!!!).   

Eoghan Carroll - eCommerce Manager


I have worked in online and digital marketing for 10 years.

I'm a Meath man so I love GAA and especailly getting one over on the dubs, (sadly a rarity these days.)

I'm a Huge fan of the Irish football team. I have not missed a home game in 10 years, and have been to over 40 away games. (It's the hope that kills you :). 

Steven Breen - Web Development & Graphic Designer


I'm a huge football fan and support the mighty Chelsea.

I have played football for the last 13 years and I'm a one club man.

I play in goal because I like it and not just because I'm brutal everywhere else.

I like to jump on the Rugby & GAA bandwagon once a year when everyone else is doing it.

Dave McGuirk - Web Development & SEO


Working for McSport for nearly 2 years now which has been great.

Big Man United fan although it’s been tough to watch the last couple of seasons. Champions League next year so that’s a plus.

As far as playing sport goes I’m at the stage now where the brain still thinks I can but the body won’t do it. Couple of games of astro a week to keep me ticking over. Would also like to get out on the course a lot more but being a fair weather golfer I might only get a couple of days a year on this wonderful green isle of ours.

Love my music especially live. Try to hit at least one festival and as many gigs a year as possible. “By order of the Peaky Blinders”

Renée Menelaou - Business Development Manager


My role as Business Development Manager within McSport enables me to stay connected with not only the whole team but also our clients, something which I thoroughly enjoy.

It is really great to be part of such a diverse and talented team, I feel privileged to be involved in the ongoing progression of McSport.

Having  played a variety of sports in my school days, not so long ago(!), my only involvement with sport these days is cheering my kids on from the sidelines!!

I consider working to be a welcomed break away from my hectic family life!! 

Jimmy Cronin - Warehouse Manager


Likes all sports, especially playing golf and going horseracing.

Enjoys travel, photography and music.

Quote : “ Here for a good time, not a long time”.


Stephen Mc Guinness - Warehouse


I'm a big fan of Manchester United especially when United destroy Liverpool.

I'm also a fan of Moto Gp.

I play Astro once a week and love to travel, especially around Ireland .


Laurence McGrath - Warehouse


I love to watch most sports and I collect match day programmes from Soccer, GAA and Rugby.

Running is my passion and I have ran four Dublin Marathons.

My next goal is to run a Ultra Marathon (hopefully).


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