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  • Activity zones
  • Inactivity Alert
  • Advanced activity analysis
  • Progress follow-up
  • Training planning
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S and later, and with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later
  • Display texts in English, French, Finnish, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Easy data sync to the Polar Flow web service via Bluetooth Smart

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Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker | P-900549

Now you can train your way - push your fitness to your next level, work on specific parts of your training, even experiment with new training sessions. With Polar Training Software, a comprehensive set of plans is available for all our heart rate monitor users. Each one has been specially designed by professional coaches to support every part of your training, whatever your level. From beginners to top athletes and everyone in-between, all the tools you need to make the most out of your training are right here.


The soft and flexible Loop 2 fits every wrist perfectly. The 85 individually placed LED lights and stainless steel buckle make it a high-quality bracelet for 24/7 use. And don’t fret about it getting wet – it’s waterproof.


You can even wear the Loop 2 to bed and let it automatically track your sleep. Check Polar Flow app on your smartphone to see how long and well you slept. If you need a wake-up, the Loop 2 will gently vibrate when it’s time to rise and shine.


Finding time to take care of yourself can be challenging, but the Loop 2 is here to help with motivating feedback and individual guidance. There are so many ways to be active, so find yours and reach your activity goal every day.

Rethink your day


For anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach activity goals.

  • Activity Guide helps you stay active all day long
  • Activity Benefit gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity
  • Displays daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day
  • Free guidance with the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service
  • Compatible with Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors
  • Waterproof
  • Measures your activity even when swimming (without heart rate)





  1.  Activity Guide: Helps you to stay active all day long. Activity Guide
    Activity Guide shows how active you've been during the day. It also tells you how much you need to do to reach the global recommendations for physical activity. With practical guidance like ‘walk for 50 minutes or jog for 20 minutes’ you can choose how to reach your daily activity goal. Meet your goal faster with more intense activities or stay active at a slightly more moderate pace throughout the day.

  2. Activity Benefit: Gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity. Activity Benefit
    Activity Benefit tracks all your active choices during the day and shows how they help you stay healthy. It'll reward you when you've done enough and make you move if there's still a bit missing from your daily activity goal. Activity Benefit gives you daily, weekly and monthly feedback, because the more you move, the greater the health benefits. You can check up on how you're doing either from your mobile or from the web.

  3. Energy Pointer: Gives you clear guidance on how to get into shape faster. Energy Pointer
    If you want to improve your fitness or burn fat, Energy Pointer is a simple-to-use feature that visually shows you what the main effect of your training is so that you can focus on what you want to achieve. Watch the Energy Pointer video below. Smart Calories: Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned. 

  4. Smart CaloriesOwnCal is the most accurate calorie counter on the market. It calculates the number of calories expended during a training session based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you’re training. Watch the Smart Calories video below.

  5. Training BenefitTraining Benefit: Motivating feedback straight after exercise. Polar H7 required. Motivating feedback that’s delivered straight to you immediately after exercise is something we can all benefit from. So if you want to know the effect of different training sessions, this feature will tell you exactly what you need to know. You get a quick overviewc after each session, and for more detailed feedback, you can either check your training file or you can get further in-depth analysis at flow.polar.com / polarpersonaltrainer.com.

  6. Heart RateHeart Rate In Training: Shows your current heart rate with the touch of a button during training. Polar H7 required.  Keep in the zone at all times with the touch of a button. Train at the right intensity at the right time & rest when your supposed to rest.


Polar Flow AppPolar Flow Web Service Features:

  • Activity zones
  • Advanced activity analysis
  • Training diary

Polar Flow Mobile App Features:

  • Diary.
  • Sleep duration and quality.
  • Distance measured in activity.
  • Activity zones.
  • Inactivity Alert.
  • Advanced activity analysis.
  • Progress follow-up.
  • Training planning.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S and later, and with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later.
  • Display texts in English, French, Finnish, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Easy data sync to the Polar Flow web service via Bluetooth Smart.



Polar Loop 2 Pink


Steps and Distance:
Tracks your steps and distance from steps.

Inactivity Alert:
Reminds you with vibration to get up after 55 minutes of sitting and add active breaks to your daily routines.

Smart Calories:
Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned. The individual algorithm is based on your data: weight, height, age, gender and the intensity of physical activity.

Activity Goal:
Shows how active you’ve been during the day and gives practical guidance for reaching your daily activity goal. Breaks up your activities into five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high.

Automatically tracks your sleep time and quality. See and learn from your sleeping patterns in Polar Flow web service and app.

Smart Notifications:
Vibrates and notifies you about incoming calls, messages and calendar reminders.





Smart Notifications:
Allows you to stay up to date when wearing your training computer in your everyday life. You will receive audio or vibration alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps and see them on the display of your training computer. During training you can see who’s calling and decide if you want to pick up or keep on enjoying your workout.You can define which notifications you wish to receive in your phone’s settings or turn off notifications altogether from your training computer. For iOS users, later for Android users.

Bluetooth Smart:
Connects your Polar device and possible sensors to each other and enables you to sync your data via mobile. It is a standardized, wireless communication technology that is optimized for low power consumption and based on an open platform. Once paired, the Bluetooth Smart sensor is automatically locked to transmit data to your training computer. The training computer picks up your data from your transmitter only.

Vibration Alert:


When you wear the Loop 2 you can receive vibrating smart notifications of incoming calls, messages and calendar app.

Train to your own beat:

Your heart rate is the most accurate fitness indicator. The best way to improve your fitness and see results is to exercise at the right intensity. Hook up the Loop 2 with Polar H7 heart rate sensor and make sure you don’t skip a beat. The H7 will show your live, accurate heart rate on your wrist while you work out.


Body Measurement Features:

  • Polar EnergyPointer.
  • Polar OwnCal - Smart Calories.
  • Heart rate - bpm.

Activity Features:

  • 24/7 activity tracking.
  • Activity Guide.
  • Steps.
  • Inactivity Alert.

Recording Features:

  • Memory capacity 12 days of activity data.

Data Transfer:

  • Compatible with PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and later.
  • Compatible with Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth Smart.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, and later.
  • Compatible with Polar Flow web service via custom USB cable.

Watch Features:

  • LED display.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Rechargeable battery with custom USB cable.
  • Display Text: English.
  • Battery Life: 5 days in continuous use.
  • Time of Day: 12/24h.
  • Water Resistant: WR20.


  • With soft silicone wristband
    • Weight: 38g.
    • Thickness: 10,8 mm.
    • Width: 20,0 mm.
  • With TPU wristband
    • Weight: 36g.
    • Thickness: 10,5 mm.
    • Width: 20,0 mm.


  • Rechargeable 38 mAh Li-pol battery.
  • Battery duration up to 8 days with 24/7 activity tracking and 1h/day training.


  • Easy wireless sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart.
  • Custom USB connector for charging and data sync with PC or Mac via Polar FlowSync.
  • Polar Flow web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and PC Windows XP, 7, 8.
  • Updatable software.
  • UI languages in Polar Flow: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

What's In The Box 

  • Polar Loop activity tracker
  • Custom USB cable
  • Tool
  • Get Started Guide
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