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Mobile Hoop Carrier - Blue - L36,W60,H100


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Hula Hoop Holder

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Hula Hoop Holder now available at McSport.

If you are looking for something that is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and laughter, then look no further than hula hoops. Since Wham-O unleashed this popular ring of fun on the world in 1958, it has consistently been one of the most popular toys for children to date. Earlier inventions that were similar to the hula hoop include homemade hoops made of grapevines that children played with in ancient Egyptian times, while a year before Wham-O produced their product in different vibrant colours, an Australian company released hoops made of wood. The traditional way to use this device is to place it around your hips and try to keep it rotating for as long as you can by swinging your body. This traditional game is still one of the most popular as groups of children hula hoop simultaneously and the one who can keep the hoop up the longest wins, but nowadays there are so many different games that have been created to enhance your time with this amazing invention.

McSport has compiled a short list for you to try the next time you are in the mood for some hooping madness:

    • Catch: A simple yet fun game which is great for younger children and also provides them with good exercise. Throwing the hoop into the air, the child must chase it and attempt to catch it before it hits the ground. Should the child catch it they receive points, and if they miss it you receive the points. The catching also helps improve hand-eye co-ordination.


    • Hula Races: Set up a finish line and get your child and their friends to line up at the start. The participant must keep the hoop twirling around their body as they step toward the finish line. If the hoop falls, they must stop until they get it going again. The first one over the finish line wins. This game is also great for family time.


    • Pass the hoop: This is a game specifically designed for groups and is great for school events or children?s parties. Put the hoop over the arm of one player. Everybody then stands in a circle and holds hands, which keeps the hoop from falling to the floor. The hoop must then be moved around the circle without letting go of the hands you are holding.

    • These are just a few ideas to get you warmed up but there are a number of other fun ways to enjoy playing with a hula hoop. Once you are done, make sure that you have got a handy storage rack so that you can safely and easily store your hula hoops until the next time you play with them.

      Approx Product Weight: 6kg
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