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There is nothing more frustrating at a fitness training session, no matter what the sport, than picking sides for a practice match or drill and then having no idea who is on which team. As a player, the result is pure confusion and the inability to show your worth as split second decisions have to be made, and you are deciding which shade of black the player on your team was wearing. Alternatively, as a coach, trying to work out who is who as twenty people run around the field in a mish mash of colours and designs is nothing short of headache inducing. Thankfully, have an answer to this problem in the form of these Mesh Vests. Available in all the colours of the rainbow, plus black and white, these vests are perfect for bringing order to training sessions as they are simple, bold, and effective. Lightweight and comfortable, the Mesh Vests are certainly a much better alternative to shirts and skins, and ordering a couple of bib sets for the club is sure to pay dividends in the long run. Clad in these items players are able to react in practice sessions to flashes of colour, rather than fighting the idea of going with their first instinct.

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