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Jordan Urethane PU Dumbbell Sets

€1931.65 - €8268.40 €1818.15 - €7782.55


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  • Solid Steel Dumbbell
  • Ends encased in polyurethane
  • Available in various sets
  • Straight chrome handle

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Jordan Urethane PU Dumbbell Sets €1931.65 - €8268.40 €1818.15 - €7782.55
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Jordan Urethane PU Dumbbell Sets

These dumbells are part of the fantastic new range of fitness equipment now available at McSport. Urethane dumbells are becoming increasingly popular with fitness fanatics as they are your usual reliable solid steel dumbells but they are encased in polyurethane which is a very durable and flexible synthetic material.

For those of you who like to use steel dumbells but dont like the 'clanking' scratches they might accumilate over time, then these are the dumbells for you.


Product Information:


  • Solid steel dumbell, ends encased in heavy duty, odourless polyurethane
  • The one piece, solid design lends itself accurate weight and precision balance
  • Extremely durable and stylish
  • Straight chrome handle
  • Available in various weight sets



  • The most durable dumbbell in our range
  • The urethane will mark any other surface
  • Comes in heavier weights than the rubber dumbbells, so perfect for heavy strength training and bodybuilding


Set Consist Of:

  • 275Kg Set:  2.5Kg - 25Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 10 pairs)
  • 325Kg Set: 27.5Kg - 37.5Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 450Kg Set: 40Kg - 50Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 1050Kg Set: 2.5Kg - 50Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 20 pairs)
  • 390Kg Set: 2.5Kg - 30Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 12 pairs)
  • 575Kg Set: 52.5Kg - 62.5Kg (2.5Kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 337Kg Set: 2.5Kg - 25Kg & 10 Pair Rack
  • 1110Kg Set: 2.5Kg - 50Kg & 2 x 10 Pair Racks
  • 390Kg Set: 2.5kg - 30Kg & 12 Pair Rack
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Jordan Urethane PU Dumbbell Sets

Jordan Urethane PU Dumbbell Sets

€1818.15 - €7782.55

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