Over the years, McSport has been closely involved in the area of soccer equipment. We are pleased to announce that we are Ireland’s number one sports equipment supplier and will continue to grow thanks to increasing demand from our many happy customers. We supply discount soccer training equipment, portable soccer goals, balls, training tools and much more, to a full spectrum of players. From major soccer teams to junior league players, McSport can manage the equipment needs of any player. McSport has an immense variety of products that provides an endless amount of options for the avid player, so browse our ever-expanding stock online or visit our stores in Ireland. McSport will always be your first choice for the best in soccer equipment.

Clubs can now order their equipment using our McSport Schools / Clubs Order Form and fax it to us instead of ordering online. This form has been designed specifically for schools and clubs as an alternative way to obtain there equipment from McSport without the use of the e-commerce website.

Soccer Balls from Molten, Mitre, Nike and Puma feature as our top brand names for soccer balls and will enhance the game of any player. The Nike Total 90 Omni allows for total precision on field, as the perfect spherical shape lets the ball fly faster and harder than ever before. A new, geometric design ensures that your kicks are distributed evenly across the surface and a high-contrast design creates an easy target for any player to track as they follow the ball across the field. A layer of compressed polyethylene stores impact energy, releasing it for launch.

McSport carries many more products for the beautiful game of soccer. We have training bibs of all colours, made from a high-quality nylon blend to stand out in the wettest of weather. If you are a coach, then our Tactics Board will accommodate all of your training needs. There are midi- and deluxe versions to choose from, with magnetic markers allowing you to represent your players’ movements with a high degree of accuracy. Keep your tactics secure and jot them down in the Match Day Notebook or your Coaches’ Session Planner.

Create your own game with a choice of heavyweight goals and netting options. Choose from folding goals or freestanding permanent fixtures. We have a goal for every size and requirement, ranging from home games to professional tournaments. For a quick training session, use the target goals to keep your shots in line. Test out the Football Team Complete Conditioning Pack, filled with speed techniques, warm up drills, fitness training equipment and much more. This pack has all the soccer training equipment for the team that wishes to be the best!

The origin and history of soccer can be traced back to many corners of the globe, such as China, ancient Greece and even the Roman Empire. 3000 years of soccer-related history came to a sudden revelation when England came to the game. In 1863, eleven London clubs formed a set of rules and regulations, which led to the formation of the Football Association. Amateurs and professionals alike finally had teams that they could support at tournaments to cheer them on in. In 1904, FIFA was formed in Paris by its founding members and soccer has continued to evolve since then.

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